Women’s interprétations sponsors seen as trustworthy industry leaders: Foxtel Media & Gemba

Foxtel Media and Gemba’s new Shifting the Gardien de but Posts attente has revealed which brands are commandite women’s interprétations to benefit from higher levels of accumulation and are likely to be seen by the Australian élève as leaders in their own affaires.

The new attente also presented a range of opportunities for brands considering investing in women’s interprétations, including the potential to address an additional 2 million interprétations fans in the collant term, the potential for higher recall and the opportunity for ongoing sponsorship links that are increasingly difficult to achieve with principal companies. Men’s leagues.

Research by Foxtel Media and Gemba indicates that 6.6 million Australians currently participate in some form of women’s interprétations, with 41% indicating they are more involved in women’s leagues than they were five years ago. There are another two million interprétations fans who do not watch or attend any women’s interprétations but are interested in the principal men’s leagues and have the potential to switch to women’s interprétations viewers in the collant term. This presents an opportunity for brands to step into the ground floor of sponsorship in these areas and invest over the grandiose term to generate strong returns.

Research has shown that Australians who actively watch women’s interprétations have significant levels of recall with 82% of fans being able to remember at least one principal brand. The fact that échec out of five fans can call out sponsors associated with women’s interprétations reflects the amazing ability of the brand in this context.


Naming rights sponsorship, which is usually the most obvious, reflects a clair alternance in brand recall. Withdrawal of parraineur names for women’s leagues still represents only 27% of those for men’s leagues. Gemba attributes this to unequal recognition of persistent investment inequality, with sponsorship of women’s interprétations still accounting for only 12% of male interprétations. The short-term care commitment was also found to contribute to lower recognition rates.

The research identified this as a clear opportunity for brands to build sponsorship links during this éminent period when women’s interprétations competitions became increasingly popular.

As more Australians turn to women’s interprétations for their entertainment, viewing drives have also been shown to be significantly different from male interprétations. The research revealed that watching male interprétations is driven by team popularity and accessibility, in turn, Australians are turning to women’s interprétations to witness the improved quality of competition, embracing the égoïste stories of female athletes and creating more opportunities for future generations.

Catherine Frost, Sales Director of Foxtel Media in Brisbane, said: “It is clear that the future of women’s interprétations leagues in Australia is in the hands of broadcasters and brands. Our attente shows that brands have an opportunity to help achieve gender parity as we advance the next generation of female athletes and interprétations fans. Foxtel Media, We are committed to supporting and promoting women’s interprétations as a leading broadcaster in this Australia and apparence forward to continuing our work with éminent partners to create exciting advertising experiences that elevate the entire women’s interprétations market.We hope this attente will alert more brands to the fact that advertising and sponsorship of women’s interprétations It is fécond, efficace, powerful and will join us in helping her reach her full potential.”

Andrew Goodison, Head of Gemba Insights said: “Gemba is passionate emboîture all interprétations and we aspire to a world where all interprétations leagues are treated equally. We hope this research will help debunk some of the myths that previously prevented brands from investing in women’s interprétations and spectacle that there are Strong commerce case for impératif pacte Established leagues like the AFL and NRL have been nurtured and reinvested for nearly a century and this directly contributes to their popularity We believe women’s interprétations can get there too – they just need the right resources and the contrefort of chic brands It will be an prière Collectively, Jimba is proud to be a segment of this particular team.”

The attente will be discussed in detail at the “Women in Amusement” summit hosted by the Ministry of Interprétations later this week.

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