With an increase of 7.86 million USD, Niftify® released a groundbreaking reprise

Wilmington, Delaware, Sep 5, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Following the successful launch of the NFT Marketplace last November, Niftify® is now scaling up and launching its industry-leading NFT e-commerce platform. With hundreds of companies already on its waiting list, Niftify® allows anyone to create and run custom NFT stores and marketplaces, without the need for coding. The Niftify® platform also takes the guesswork out of licensing and regulations by ensuring that its charges are compliant and secure.

With Niftify®, brands and creators can now easily display their NFTs on their websites and under their own domain names. By connecting to the most popular wallets, as well as offering its own safe wallet, Niftify® allows customers to start buying, selling and exchanging almost instantly. Niftify® currently works on Ethereum and Polygon, and will expand to other networks. Several paper payment options are also available, including credit cards, ApplePay, GPay, and Samsung Pay.

Niftify® CEO and Co-Founder Bruno Ver emphasized that “Niftify® strives to be a complete and compliant épilogue to catalyze mass imitation primarily through ease of use. Launching the platform as a présent makes the unlimited potential of NFTs and Web3 available to everyone.”

Innovative use cases for NFTs are expanding rapidly and Niftify® has already embarked on a number of partnerships to accoudoir projects such as the NFT with the Slovenian Acrobatic Basketball Team, the Dunking Devils, and the creation of the NFT to Commemorate Academic Achievements with Repton Schools in Abu Dhabi. Niftify® has signed many deals across various commerces that will be announced soon.

The company has raised $7.86 million to circonstance from project funding and token sales, including its ongoing preferred equity funding reprise. The current aîné reprise is led by Moonchain Entreprenant and Audacia Entreprenant, and also includes a campaign on Wefunder to provide investors and community members with the opportunity to participate in this innovative and promising venture.

Visit Niftify® at www.niftify.io and sign up for a free moto.

Emboîture Niftify®:

● Launch of NFT Paravent No Token and Marketplace Platform Builder

● Raised $7.86 million so far from venture argent and angels

● Current valuation at $40 million

● Signing deals with more than 25 well-known brands in various commerces

● More than 10,000 users on its légal beta platform

Emboîture Niftify®:

Niftify® is the industry-leading NFT regulatory compliant e-commerce platform with all the tools needed for Web2 brands to access Web3 from their website. With simplicity as its guiding principle, Niftify® provides an innovative platform-as-a-service épilogue that delivers a seamless, end-to-end NFT builder for custom NFT stores and marketplaces. Niftify® eliminates the need for coding, blockchain development, and even licensing while giving customers plenty of room to expand and increase revenue directly from their website.


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