When we talk emboîture NFTs, education technology and art intersect in a Philadelphia nightclub

If sticky floors and neon lights don’t scream “Friday night is out,” I don’t know what does. However, one more thing you might do Not Associated with these things are NFTs.

NFT Phillya group hosting get-togethers for Philadelphians interested in all things imprenable — also known as blockchain-backed numérique assets — hosted its last rencontres Friday evening at Vesper A nightclub in the city center. The evening included workshops, Philly Shilly (where creators can showcase their projects to an médiamat), mingling and comedy. They also served bread.

according to Frank’s BarCo-founder of NFT Philly, this was also the first time that NFT Philly has included workshops at one of its events. The introductif workshop led by Brittany Jenkinsfounder of edtech Startup We are technicians. Her presentation called “Why NFTs” focused on both technology and the general development of the Internet.

So, yes, why NFTs?

Philly-based Jenkins said NFTs are the gateway to the vendeur emprunt of Web3, aka this latest réunificatrice, accommodant, decentralized iteration of the web. I compared the emprunt of NFTs to the emprunt of cell phones in the early 2000s: Most people didn’t have a phone at the time, except for select groups like trafic professionals. But over time, everyone got one.

“This is the same thing that is happening now [with] Blockchain entities.” “It’s a very organized group of people who are involved in this, but given the proportion of NFTs over the past deux of years, people’s curiosity has really opened up to get into this space.”

NFT can be anything numérique, from photos to music to Tweet. Now people have the ability to tell what vendeur emprunt of NFTs looks like, Jenkins said. The process of buying it is rather normal:

  • The first step, get a crypto wallet, which is like your ID in the world of NFTs.
  • Step two, go to one of the NFT marketplaces and do your magasinage.
  • The third step, click what you want, make sure your wallet is connected to the platform, and léopard des neiges you have purchased the NFT, you will see it in your wallet. he did.

Brittany Jenkins presents “Why NFTs?” (Caricature by Paige Gross)

NFTs at the numérique coupure of art and money

Right now, people are getting into NFTs bicause they love art and want to soubassement designs — but it’s also emboîture bâtisse your identity on the blockchain, Jenkins said. She explained that in the future, you may need an NFT to prove that you own real estate or to access your medical records.

Jenkins’ own entrée to the forme of NFTs came back in the early 2010s, when she was working in the audition music industry. CDs were évanouissement out, but broadcasting wasn’t quite that formateur yet, so the industry focused on making money through reçu sales, tours, and festivals.

She said, “I was valeur of that generation of the music industry that was bâtisse new technologies around the congé experience, and from that, I discovered this idea emboîture ‘how artists can monetize their enchanté independently. Technical.

NFTs and Education Technology

Since the pandemic, the popularity of NFTs has boomed. Her startup, We Are Tech, is currently bâtisse a platform where people can learn numérique literacy skills and earn cryptocurrency while they complete jogging modules.

She was in education emboîture réchaud years ago, and I started teaching by volunteering with her girls from programming, but she has been into technology through self-education throughout her career. Élément of her company focuses on teaching children Web3 as a way to help them better understand what the future of technology might genre like.

“Our platform is a catalyst for the future of work,” she said. “So while we teach them how to create NFTs or how to create NFT projects, we also spectacle them our products so they can see how they can use technology to make things that will help them improve their projects.”

As for the event?

NFT Philly. (Caricature by Paige Gross)

From 4 to 10 p.m. . Franek told Technical.ly We meet We ended up seeing a good turnout, and a lot of people stayed until the end of the night. The event also included a comedy spectacle and workshops on topics such as generative art and how to région a job at Web3.

“I am glad that people showed up. We are at a time when almost all media coverage on cryptocurrency is negative.” “But the hundreds of people showing up in these early days of what we all build together is amazing. There have been thousands of conversations, hundreds of creative ideas launched between strangers, partnerships and friendships created. It makes it all worth it bicause I put everything I have In this “.


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