What’s hot in the metaverse for consumers

Consumers dealing with metaverse-style virtual environments are interested in a number of commerces and activities. Music tops the list of interests, according to a new study by Reach 3 Insights, which polled 401 consumers over the summer.

The results explain some of the en public events and links that brands are launching into the metaverse, on platforms like Decentraland and Roblox.

For marketers who are still in the waiting and watching stages or calepin their metaverse debut, this can help foyer attention based on where the interest is. Earlier this year, our MarTech survey found that more than half of marketers devis to revitalize the metaverse either in the next year (25.8%) or in the next five years (25.4%).

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metaverse hot topics. Consumers were asked emboîture topics they might be interested in regarding virtual experiences or products. Here are the topics in descending order:

  • Music 68%
  • Travel / Tourism 58%
  • Magasinage/Virtual Stores, 53%
  • En public events, 53%
  • games, 52%
  • Jogging/Learning, 52%
  • Affable/virtual encounters, 51%
  • food 42%
  • Health 41%
  • technology 35%
  • façon 29%
  • beauty 27%
  • Drinks 20%
  • something else 3%

The huge interest in music explains why iHeartMedia recently launched a foyer on the popular 3D game Fortnite. The interest in the games shows some cross-talk with the game’s fans who embraced the early metaverse experiences.

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age demographics. The survey was distributed relatively evenly across Generation Z (88 participants), Millennials (101), Generation X (136), and Generation Z (76).

Older participants raised an average interest in travel, with only 48% of Generation Z and 50% of Millennials expressing an interest in the topic.

Younger participants were more interested in beauty and façon, with Generation Z expressing 43% and 44% interested in these two topics, respectively. Younger consumers are clearly interested in the metaverse activations related to façon and beauty.

With Armor’s ongoing Cari Brand activations, it shows deep rixe and sales potential on the metaverse. (They sold $333 worth of virtual wearables from NFT in minutes.)

Why do we care. If your brand is at the bottom of the list of hot topics, think emboîture how you can associate your brand with a higher interest. Drinks (20%) for example. PepsiCo has spent more than a decade carving out space in the gaming community, so it’s ready to lure users into the metaverse.

And from the Under Armor playbook, Comparse Résistance can also draw audiences to your brand in the metaverse. Just like in the real world, all kinds of categories bienfaiteur en public music events, expect similar power play with virtual concerts that celebrities meet.

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