Week 1 Finals Teams, Team Analysis, Entries and Exits, Storm, Panthers, Rabbitohs, Eels, Sharks, Cowboys, Roosters, Nathan Cleary, Joey Manu, Will Kennedy, Cameron Murray

Roosters coupé, Trent Robinson, has successfully resolved Joy Manu’s headache, while a number of key stars have returned.

Panthers marquee man Nathan Cleary is ready for the Parramatta Salvation Délassement.

Meanwhile, both the Storm and the Sharks received great pilier.

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Penrith Panthers vs Parramatta Ailes at Ploppet Stadium, 7.50pm AEST

Panthers team1. Dylan Edwards 2. Tylan May 3. Isaac Tago 4. Stephen Crichton 5. Brian Too 6. Jarom Lewi 7. Nathan Cleary 8. Moses Liotta 9. Abysai Kuroisaw 10. James Fisher Harris 11. Willem Kiko 12 Liam Martin 13 Isah Yu 14. Mitch Kinney 15. Scott Sorensen 16. Spencer Leno 17. Jaiman Salmon 18. Charlie Staines 19. Matt Eisenhuth 20. J’maine Hopgood 21. Sean O’Sullivan 22. Chris Smith

Analytics: The Panthers léopard again welcome a host of big stars to a derby across town, but no bigger than Nathan Cleary Who returns from arrêt due to dangerous levitation, committed against eels. Jarome Loay His two-stroke partner, while the rest of the reluisant Penrith team take up positions to frontispice the eels. Evan Cleary will be desperate not to let his team lose to their enemies three times this season.

Eel team: 1. Clinton Gutherson 2. Mika Sevo 3. Williame Benicini 4. Tom Obasik 5. Waka Blake 6. Dylan Brown 7. Mitchell Moses 8. Reagan Campbell Gillard 9. Red Mahoney 10. Récent Paulo 11. Sean Lane 12. Isaiah Babali 13 Ryan Matterson 14. Makahisi Makatua 15. Jacob Arthur 16. Oregon Kaufusi 17. Marata Newkor 18. Nathan Brown 19. Billy Simonson 20. Bryce Cartwright 21. Ovahiki Ogden 22. Key Rodwell

Analytics: Brad Arthur has the luxury of naming the same 17 he did last week, with his team eager to go to the Finals in supercarburant exciting shape. Nathan Brown He was also named the 18th man after returning from a finger injury last week via the reserve class.


Melbourne Storm vs Canberra Raiders at AAMI Park, 5:30pm AEST

storm team: 1. Nick Minnie 2. David Novwaluma 3. Marion Seif 4. Justin Olam 5. Xavier Coates 6. Cameron Monster 7. Jarom Hughes 8. Jesse Bromwich 9. Harry Grant 10. Nelson Asova-Solomona 11. Velez Kauvusi 12. Kenny Bromwich 13. Josh King 14. Tison Smith 15. Toei Kamikamika 16. Trent Lowero 17. Chris Lewis 18. Young Tonomabya 19. Jordan Grant 20. Tipai Muirua 21. Cooper Jones 22. Grant Anderson

Analytics: Cameron Monster He gets his half partner back again, with Jahrom Hughes Rolling over to half back after shrugging late last week with a tight calf. Kenny Bromwich And the Nick Mini Both would be fit to play after suffering a head blow and a shoulder injury respectively.

Raiders team: 1. Xavier Savage 2. Nick Cotric 3. Matthew Timoko 4. Sebastian Kris 5. Jordan Rapana 6. Fiche Wighton 7. Jamal Fogarty 8. Josh Papali’i 9. Zac Woolford 10. Joseph Tapine 11. Hudson Young 12. Elliot Whitehead 13. Adam Elliott 14. Tom Starling 15. Emre Guler 16. Corey Horsberg 17. Corey Harawira-Nair 18. Albert Hoboat 19. Atta Mariota 20. Matt Frawley 21. Peter Hola 22. Charns Nicole-Klukstad

Analytics: as expected, Fiche Wheaton And the Elliot Whitehead They take their lieux at the starting side, they turn Cory Harwira Naira off the bench and Matt Frawley to the list of reserves.

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Cronulla Sharks vs North Queensland Cowboys at BlueBet Stadium, 7.30pm AEST

Sharks team1. Will Kennedy 2. Conor Tracy 3. Jesse Ramian 4. Susiva Talakay 5. Ronaldo Mulitalo 6. Matt Moylan 7. Nisho Haynes 8. Toby Rudolph 9. Blake Écriture 10. Royce Hunt 11. Britain’s Nikura 12. Wade Graham 13 Dale Finucane 14. Tig Wilton 15. Cameron McInnes 16. Braden Hamlin Oley 17. Andrew Vivita 18. Lachlan Miller 19. Aiden Tolman 20. Matt Ecovalo 21. Jesse Colquhoun 22. Luke Metcalfe

Analytics: Venice Center Syosiva Talakay He has been named and is likely to bouturer the field after he was seen in field jogging on Tuesday, recovering from an ankle injury. in a big batch, Will Kennedy It was named, with Lachlan Miller In reserves ready to bouturer if not fit. while, Del Finucane (ribs), Toby Rudolph (knee) and Conor Tracy (Header knocks) They all go back to the start side.

Cowboys team1. Scott Drinkwater 2. Kyle Feldt 3. Valentine Holmes 4. Peta Heiko 5. Murray Tulagi 6. Tom Dearden 7. Chad Townsend 8. Jordan MacLean 9. Reese Robson 10. Robin Kotter 11. Luciano Lilua 12. Jeremiah Nana 13 Jason Taumalulu 14. Hamisu Tabwai-Fido 15. Tom Gilbert 16. Quinn Hess 17. Griffin Nimh 18. Jamin Tonoa Brown 19. Thomas Chester 20. Jake Granville 21. Brendan Elliott 22. Ben Hampton

Analytics: Todd Payten just made a single ébranlé, bring it Queen Hess off the bench for Jamayne Taunoa-Brown After being suspended for one épreuve.

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Sydney Roosters vs South Sydney Rabbit’s at Allianz Stadium, 4.00pm EST

Team Roosters1. James Tedesco 2. Daniel Exposé 3. Paul Momerofsky 4. Drew Hutchison 5. Joseph Swale 6. Luke Kerry 7. Sam Walker 8. Jared Weria-Hargreaves 9. Sam Ferrells 10. Suzio Taukiaho 11. Angus Crichton 12. Nat Butcher 13. Victor Radley 14. Conor Watson 15. Egan Butcher 16. Adam Keegran 17. Matthew Lodge 18. Kevin Naikama 19. Terrell May 20. Oliver Gildart 21. Fletcher Becker 22. Siwa Wong

Analytics: Trent Robinson solved Manu’s massive headache with a perméable Paul Momirovsky in the coeurs. In a big batch, both Daniel Exposé And the Joseph Saali They returned to their regular wing positions. Victor Radley He also returned from a mutant corruption Matt Lodge off the bench and Siosiua Taukeiaho for pilier. Both Jared and Ray-Hargreaves (hamstrings) and Sam Ferrells (Finger) He will need to prove his gymnique despite his name being given.

Rabbitohs . team1. Latrell Mitchell 2. Alex Johnston 3. Isaiah Tass 4. Campbell Graham 5. Tyne Milne 6. Cody Walker 7. Lachlan Elias 8. Tvita Tatula 9. Damien Cook 10. Mark Nichols 11. Keon Kolamatangi 12. Jay Aru 13 Cameron Murray 14. Kodi Nikorima 15. Hame Sele 16. Thomas Burgess 17. Siliva Havili 18. Blake Taaffe 19. Jaxson Paulo 20. Davvy Moale 21. Michael Chee Kam 22. Josh Mansour

Analytics: Despite suffering a bad header, Vedette Lock Cameron Murray He was named and would have to pass NRL’s corruption protocols. Damian Cook He also returns after testing certaine for Covid-19, with Siliva Haveli Move to the bench. Campbell Graham Also returns from a headshot, effort Jackson Paulo from the side.

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