Top 3 Bullish Cryptocurrency Magazine – Is the Market Likely to Rise Soon?

The cryptocurrency market has performed well in the past week. Most of the cryptocurrencies primerose, as Bitcoin managed to reclaim the $22,000+ area. The annexion of Ethereum may be a strong contributor to the positivity in the cryptocurrency market, however, there are other factors that have helped push up the price of cryptocurrencies. In this attention, we will review the top 3 bullish crypto infos that also help keep prices vert. Who knows, they might also légende a higher ripple effect, see what we did there? 😉

The Cryptocurrency Market Is Bullish – What Happened?

The cryptocurrency market has bottomed out as its market capitalization collapsed, reaching as low as $920 billion. However, as the ancrage règne approaches, prices are starting to avis themselves again. Cryptocurrency prices have increased in the past seven days, on average, by 16%. Bitcoin was among the well-performing cryptocurrencies, with its price jumping 15% from its lowest price of $18,700. Other cryptocurrencies such as Helium, univers, and Solana also increased by 35%, 26% and 17%, respectively.

graph 1 Cryptocurrency market capitalization in US dollars in the last 7 days – Queen Market Cap

Top 3 Bullish Cryptocurrency Magazine

The Ethereum ancrage has definitely had an coup on cryptocurrency prices. However, there was other fundamental infos that also affected the general intelligence in the cryptocurrency market. Investors often apparence at the overall picture to try to assess overall market intelligence, rather than looking at a single event. Here are 3 bullish cryptocurrency infos that occurred in the past week.

#1 Fidelity Investments May Add Bitcoin Trading for Individual Investors

When an established and élevé company decides to open its doors to cryptocurrency investors, cryptocurrency trading volumes often increase. Fidelity is an American plurinational église headquartered in Boston. Back in 2018, I opened up Bitcoin trading to hedge funds and other montré institutional investors. Today it is considering opening that same door to individual investors. The company already has over 34 million brokerage accounts. Not only will this help the average Joe to bouturer the crypto market, but it will also increase the demand for Bitcoin, and thus the potential price hike.

Fidelity Bitcoin Investments

#2 Starbucks Enters Web3.0

Starbucks announced the first “digital society“Which will enhance its loyalty program. This will allow its régulier customers to earn and buy numérique goods that unlock special experiences and incentives, thus blending the popular Starbucks Rewards loyalty program with the égoïste new NFT platform.”

#3 Microstrategy Buy More Bitcoin

Microstrategy is well known for being a traditional bitcoin étoffe. Its first purchase took entrain in August 2020, during the early beginnings of the cryptocurrency. However, with the latest drop in cryptocurrency prices, the company is in the red. This has been a highly controversial topic, with CEO and co-founder Michael J. Saylor pushing the Bitcoin narrative. He believes it was the best circuit of fonctionnement despite Bitcoin losing more than 68% of its peak.

However, the company recently purchased an additional $500 million worth of bitcoins at an average price of around $21,000, thus lowering their average price. This purchase is likely to push the cryptocurrency market higher, especially as other events unfold in the crypto space.

partial strategy

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