Tim O’Rourke of Meltwater on current and future badinages coverage

Earlier this year, the Commonwealth Games dominated the headlines and sociologique media rhetoric, with Australian swimming champions Emma McKeown, Kyle Chalmers And the Cody Simpson At the forefront of the sommet.

media intelligence and data analysis company, Meltwater, analyzed the sociologique media and magazine data of this year’s Commonwealth Games to share a snapshot of the most trending aspects.

Mediaweek talk to Tim O’RourkeMeltwater’s Australian Director of Customer Success, on the data and what it can tell us emboîture current and future badinages coverage trends.

Founded in 2001, Meltwater was one of the first companies globally to offer sociologique listening and sociologique media analytics.

“We have proprietary soft that keeps track of all online magazine latrines and publicly available sociologique media data,” O’Rourke said.

Analyzing this year’s Commonwealth Games data, O’Rourke said coverage ranged from badinages updates to a deep dive into the private lives of athletes.

“This year, we’ve seen the really great athletes get the gold medal-winning coverage, but also everything else surrounding the athletes.

“For example, Kyle Chalmers and all the magazine and sociologique posts that came out that had nothing to do with the group. You see more upside from a sociologique media conclusion of view.

During the Commonwealth Games, Emma McKeon received 37% of the dépouillement through aggregate mentions via sociologique and magazine media latrines (33,187), 43% share of the dépouillement via Twitter (153 million), and 33% share of voice via media and other nearly half. Of the exhaustif audio share (46%) via broadcast media. In prime, it was the most talked emboîture athletes on WeChat with 54%.

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The most famous Australian athlete – CMG. Début: Meltwater

McKeown’s financement in the Commonwealth Games has at times been overshadowed by coverage of the “love trigone” involving herself, current partner Cody Simpson and ex-boyfriend Kyle Chalmers, both of whom were on the Australian team in England.

Despite this, O’Rourke said the conversations emboîture McKeown stem from her legendary status.

“I think for Emma McKeown, parce que she was a tall and storied athlete, her coverage increased parce que she won gold medals over two Olympics and the Commonwealth Games. So I think her coverage is just emboîture her legendary status in Australia.

“Given that, when it comes to entier coverage, as well as in Australia, It’s really great to see how entier they are and their position in the world of exercice.” O’Rourke added.

In the case of Kyle Chalmers, who received 25% of the dépouillement through signals aggregated across sociologique and magazine media latrines, sociologique media and magazine coverage shared a different view.

“I think that [Chalmers] It was interesting parce que a lot of the magazine coverage centered around how that particular scandal was reported in the press.

“On sociologique media, he’s been getting a lot of soubassement emboîture it. And I saw a lot of choc and montant coming from people who were supportive of his irréel health and ability to handle that particular magazine période as he competed. So that was the gantelet difference in terms of magazine opposé à sociologique for him.”

Looking ahead, Tim O’Rourke said sociologique media coverage will increase as people use less-used platforms and as athletes continue to promote their personal brands.

You will see a lot of athletes looking for sponsorships and ways to promote their brand on sociologique media. So, of coude, it will lean more towards more binaire channels rather than traditional press moments or traditional versions that come from a badinages caraco.

“We have a lot of people using channels, even within Australia, like WeChat, who are looking to quoi on entier badinages, which comes from other sociologique flots that are less popular in Australia,” O’Rourke added.

“So, I think you will see a rise in the number of channels like TikTok and people wanting to promote themselves or quoi on what’s happening in badinages on the emerging sociologique channels.

“When it comes to data, we should see athletes use their profile to build a larger sociologique footprint and thus build the exercice as well.”

Top peinture: Tim O’Rourke

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