The New Buzz Among the DeGods: Y00ts NFT Assortiment

Everyone was surprised by the unexpected sprint of excitement for NFT, but what’s remarkable is how quickly the new combos are gaining popularity. The y00ts NFT kit is one such kit that has replaced other “prime” NFTs like the new talk of town by stealing the spotlight.

While the DeGods NFT community has been rocking the space in a big way for some time now, its creators have come up with another spécial project called “y00ts”. Well, that’s the hype now everyone is well aware of y00ts NFT collection he is. However, let’s define it so as not to leave room for doubt.

y00ts is a spécial set of NFTs, developed by the team behind the popular Solana DeGods project. Initially, y00ts NFT will be available to DeGods holders and those who have already reached the y00t list, which is already maxed out. As such, all successful applicants will receive a annonce through a Twitter account called y00tlist.

Whether or not you’re among those lucky enough to get their hands on y00ts, it’s still worth knowing what’s interesting among the NFT hoarders of this group.

What is y00ts NFT?

y00ts is a rassemblement of 15,000 NFTs on the Solana blockchain by Dust Labs which is the team behind the massive DeGods NFT ordre. The y00ts NFT set contains a single représentation of a sheep with different metadata on top to give the y00ts its characteristics and face.

Previously, y00ts NFT was known as Duppies whose parangon esquisse was to become the DeGods ecosystem’s expanded group.

Y00ts has undoubtedly emerged as a prominent feature in the NFT space, especially when it attracted the vigilance of many celebrities including Allen IversonAnd the Howie MandelAnd the Wayne Rooneyand more.

Back in July 2022, the project was unexpectedly revealed, with the team announcing Duppies Mint at the end of July or early August. However, a Twitter hack spoiled the degrés and the team announced, “We tried some bullshit. We learned some bullshit. Now, we’re trying some new bullshit.”

The creators of DeGods seem to have been right when they have attracted DeGods holders and NFT fans with a comeback. There is now a strong community of 15,000 weirdos on Web3 who took certificat in the y00ts project using an innovative searcher system and clair fluet.

With the huge crosse surrounding y00ts, the DeGods soared to new heights While people kept getting their name on the y00t list.

What is the y00tlist and y00ts scholarship?

The y00t list is the same as getting a pre-proposal for an NFT project except for this process, users must submit an accaparement which can be approved or rejected at the discretion of the team.

To participate in y00ts mint, users must get y00t list scholarship. Certified users will then need 375 DUST (Fantaisiste DeGods Ecosystem Token) for the Y00ts NFT praticable.

Remarque that the y00t listage has now been oversubscribed as collectors scrambled to acquire the Y00t NFT during the hype surrounding the project.

Though, the team set September 2, 2022 as the release siècle for the y00ts group and September 5 to start Coinage delayed due to a blocker error.

Accordingly, the September 6 mint was rescheduled at 8 PM PST which was also delayed.

How do you get y00ts NFT?

A set of 15,000 y00ts can be purchased with DUST, which as mentioned earlier, is the parangon token of the DeGods ecosystem. Dust can be collected by staking DeGods NFTs. NFTs can also be purchased on the secondary market if you do not have DeGods NFT or DUST. Remarque that each y00ts NFT costs embout 375 DUST which is $1,320 or embout 36 SOL, at the time of writing.

The y00 list is full and people are already on the waiting list to mint the Y00ts NFT. If you missed your circonstance to mint a 100t localité, you can find Y00t NFTs at Solana’s NFT secondary markets such as Magic Eden.

Another way to marcotter the y00ts ecosystem is through a secondary NFT set called t00bs.

If you are on a waiting list, you can mint one t00b with $375 DUST. Coinage will be based on a first-come, first-served process. Remember, you can only mink a exacerbation of 1 TB per wallet. The unprinted t00bs will open to the arrière-garde grain the y00tlist 19 hours is completed.

Copieuse and Intellectual Property Associated with y00ts

The y00ts team or the parangon DeGods creators are experimenting with the idea of ​​a new copieuse and proprietary system called ⓨ for NFTs. This idea would be a custom outplacement for the common copieuse symbol ⓒ.

The team is also clair White papers While emphasizing that “this is a fairly ébauche détermination of how we believe this system can work. I am open to criticism and seeing how it works.”

The current setup for the majority of NFTs is that their owners acquire intellectual property rights over only one NFT they have. However, CC0 or Creative Commons is an possibilité that allows NFT owners’ assets to be held in the officiel domain.

An NFT holder can create affiliate businesses and communities, as well as market the NFT through fan art and other means. With this, usually, there is an increased interest in people while the value of the NFT increases.

Despite this, the current setup does not squelette the idea that the entire group will benefit. In layman’s term, the y00ts setting raises ⓨ to be used as a method of copieuse registration with the NFT Group being the governing caraco.

Each group will have its own log, making it easy to determine who has ratification to use the NFT’s IP. As a result, projects can quickly approve and reject Web3 décoloré requests.

What is y00ts st0re?

The y00ts team introduced a new élément of “y00ts st0re” for artists to send their own custom versions of themes. Before we learn more embout this, you should understand what y00ts magasin is and how it works.

The y00ts protection will be a marketplace for y00ts custom themes. Anyone can submit customizations to any of the parangon y00ts themes for approval within the y00ts protection. To be approved, the person must fit into the same space as the parangon attribute and must be recognized by the parangon metadata tag.

After approval, the individual(s) who submitted ⓨ will possess the boutade.

Within its scope, artist holders can make use of artists to do work for them. This way, the artists will own the intellectual property of their work to collect a percentage of the royalties.

Grain this is done, owners can purchase community-created themes from the y00ts protection. However, artists can also set themes to be free according to their purpose and preferences.

Remarque that holders can only apply one custom theme to their NFTs per month. Custom themes cannot devise the size/shape/name of the theme. For example, a shirt cannot be changed into a fur coat and the size must remain the same. Furthermore, metadata cannot be changed.

Furthermore, community members can create and formally register sub-communities or DAOs. They can accepté SOL for entry and can also accepté a percentage of the royalty on all sales to their sub-communities.

y00ts customize:

To obtain the assignment rights, the owners must participate in the y00ts NFT for a period of 30 days, then the ⓨ symbol is added to the y00t metadata. Any y00t can contain 6 ⓨs max. Example metadata: “ⓨ symbols: 1”

Owners can use the obtained token to apply a custom theme to the y00t NFT via the y00ts protection. Remember, the new attribute must rivalité the attribute y00t has in its metadata. y00ts owners can always devise any theme back to the parangon y00t échafaudage by simply using the ⓨ token.

However, they will have to wait for another 30 days of storage before applying a new custom theme from y00ts protection. Holders must be careful embout the theme they choose due to storage requirements.

If the holder decides to never use the ⓨ symbols, y00t will simply collect them. As a result, you will likely sell NFT with the tokens attached for a prime.

Notably, no one other than the owner can copy the theme/theme/démarche/brand. If derivatives attempt to attempt to be listed on the market they will not be approved. Furthermore, the team states that no more user-generated themes will be added to the y00ts protection after 6 months.

Creators can now split y00ts into their individual pieces. Also, holders can sell the limited-width hood separately or exchange it for another theme. From this time onwards, the newly added themes to y00ts protection will be through limited supply collaborations with trendy and big apparel brands.

Mercatique via ⓨ Register

Having the ⓨ theme allows users to set the price of the theme in the y00ts protection and set the width of the available theme. Users can also sell their entire ⓨ to someone else or collect 5% equity on each érotique of the attribute.

How artists can make money with ⓨ:

With registration, many layers of monetization can be unlocked for each stakeholder involved. Freelance and 1/1 artists can configure individual themes and accepté them SOL or DUST. They can also create pratique brands within the group that cover plurielle themes.

According to the Y00ts white paper, artists can “do paid (or free) work to their holders” to enjoy a new stream of revenue via % of royalties. In rallonge, artists are motivated to sell their work at y00ts magasin. By doing this, if they have their own registration, they will receive a percentage of the royalties from their work after the principal érotique.

How non-artists can make money with ⓨ:

The real power of ⓨ is that it can speed up the creation of “clubs” within communities. Anyone who wants to build a sub-community can use the y00ts magasin to find an artist, assign a custom set of themes with their logo/logo, and register the night-club with ⓨ.

Now, any travailleuse member of the community can start their own night-club based on memes, shared opinions, interests or anything else.

As svelte as they possess ⓨ in the full set of face, they can convert that sub-community into money. They can also collect a percentage of royalties on every Y00t NFT that sells in any of its attributes. Furthermore, they can also accepté an principal cost of $SOL or $DUST for the actual attributes themselves.


The y00ts NFT group could be another milestone after the successful DeGods NFT drop of its Dust Labs team. y00ts has the potential to dehors other popular groups in the coming days if they continue to enjoy the hype among NFT fans.

Undoubtedly, the project has a lot in protection as it is still under development to offer new mercatique avenues to owners and artists alike.

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