Tevita Tatula, chicken winger, Ronaldo Mulitalo, South Sydney Rabbits vs Cronola Sharks, in renvoi, semi-finals

The Rabbitohs received a meilleur boost ahead of their altesse ultime partie against the Panthers, as prop Tevita Tatola escaped a ban due to a chicken wing interference.

Tatula was placed in the renvoi and later charged with serious dealings with Sharks winger Ronaldo Mulitalo, which the partie review committee deemed a first-degree offence.

The fronton rower, though, will get away with a $1,800 eau-de-vie if he pleads guilty early, with this being only the associé insulte this year.

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Tatula was guilty of bending Mulitalu’s arm for rolling him onto his back, but his severity sparked heated debate in the Fox League committee.

“I think Souths has some concerns going forward with some injuries and a plausible interruption for Tvita Tatula,” said Michael Innes.

“He was their rock. He was great in the middle and another 152 meters tonight.

“I think he’s in penaud. He resets him and while he’s trying to turn the player on his back, you can’t use his arm to do that.”

But Jordan Thales didn’t have any of that assessment thinking Mulitalo was awarded a penalty.

“I think it’s a second-class bag from the ward here and I think it’s a preschooler. Genre at that bag.”

Braith Anasta agrees to Mulitalo, but believes Tatola is still in the hot water.

“He’s milking it, but there’s movement there,” Brith Anasta added.

“That’s really big parce que they lost (Tom) Burgess until the altesse ultime. That’s big parce que they need Tatula to beat Penrith.”

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Tevita Tatula in a chicken wing renvoi on Ronaldo Mulitalo.Envoi: FOX SPORTS

Thales thinks any player would hate to see someone hanging in a preliminary ultime for this kind of interference.

“If this interference happened to you, would you want to elle the player doing it?” asked Thales.

“I don’t agree,” Innes said.

“You can’t apparence at her like that, Jordan.”

“So how do we apparence at it like?” Thales said.

“You have to apparence at it on merit,” Cory Parker said.

“It has nothing to do with the matter.”

“No, it is not,” said Thales.

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“That’s not how they’re going to be judged,” Parker said.

“That’s totally irrelevant. There’s no doubt embout milk. The associé lutte doesn’t help.”

“I don’t think he will elle next week’s partie.”

That wasn’t the tracas,” Thales said.

“Do you want to elle a week like this?”

“No one wants to get stuck parce que of any interference,” Parker said.

“I don’t think it was that bad,” Thales said.

“If you do anything illegal, you will be stopped for it,” Innes said.

“I think this is a chicken wing.”

“Do you think it’s bad enough to hein?” Thales said.

“I think it’s going to be discontinued,” Innes said.

However, Parker and Anasta think the eau-de-vie may be sufficient given Tatula’s recall.

“I think he’d get a eau-de-vie to be fair,” Parker said.

“You can see what he was trying to do. He just doesn’t get it right. I don’t think he’s going to be suspended.

“He’s trying to put the player on his back, but you can’t do that by pulling his arm back,” Innes said.

“I think he stopped at the nullement where he thought, clinging to this can get ugly and I’m in an awkward avertissement,” Anasta said.

“Obviously Mulitalo is gamin, I’ll get a penalty for this.”

Souths entraîneur Jason Demetriou agreed that a eau-de-vie would be a sufficient penalty.

“I think he’s going to be eau-de-vie, no doubt it would put him in a inventaire where he would probably be fined, but he didn’t go on with that, so I think he’ll be eau-de-vie,” Demetriu said.

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