Do we import horse, donkey and pig? Evasive response from Trade Minister Mehmet Muş

CHP Niğde MP Ömer Fethi Gürer said that although there are official statements that the inclusion of certain products in the TRQ does not mean that these products will be imported, the products to be imported from Bosnia and Herzegovina duty-free include horse, donkey and pig. meats and their offal, Mehmet the Minister of Commerce, … Read more

WHAT IS SALMONELLA? What are the symptoms of Salmonella, is there a cure? How is it transmitted?

Salmonella bacteria have been found in children in England. If he created a shock effect in this country, his parents were also worried in Turkey. Citizens who want information about this bacterium after the bacterium seen in the brand of chocolate, “What is Salmonella bacterium? What are the symptoms of Salmonella?” he asks. WHAT ARE … Read more

Claim that cats were buried alive in concrete has caused confusion

The incident happened last Saturday at a site in Çayırova district in Kocaeli. According to the information obtained, the hole in the wall of the site was filled by pouring concrete on the grounds that the renovation was done. Residents of the site, who claimed the cats were hiding in the hollow, broke the poured … Read more