Request for legal regulation to solve the problem of stray dogs

It was stated that a provision should be made in the Animal Welfare Law No. 5199 so that citizens can comfortably walk the streets without fear of stray dogs and return home, school, park , to the garden and to the beaches. Spokesperson for the stray dog ​​issues platform, lawyer Devrim Koçak, told Anadolu (AA) … Read more

WHAT IS SALMONELLA? What are the symptoms of Salmonella, is there a cure? How is it transmitted?

Salmonella bacteria have been found in children in England. If he created a shock effect in this country, his parents were also worried in Turkey. Citizens who want information about this bacterium after the bacterium seen in the brand of chocolate, “What is Salmonella bacterium? What are the symptoms of Salmonella?” he asks. WHAT ARE … Read more

Students apply for an account at IMM – MEVLÜT TEZEL

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) increased transport costs by 40% and the reaction of Istanbulites was quick. Particularly affected by the rise, the students protested against the rise in prices by having their cards read at the turnstiles of the metro stations.Those who made comments such as “There’s a raise for everything, a 40% raise … Read more

The horse tames the man! – Sunday morning news

“To see a horse in a dream is called ‘murat’. It is a good omen… But I take care of horses even in my dreams every night. Mine is now a professional deformity”, he says with a smile. He speaks with Hayat in a calm tone unique to those who have already signed a truce … Read more

He learned a lot from the trumpet.

Gulden already – “Do you want to be my family?” by Milliyet Those who want to participate in the project can draw their courage from the story of Başak Lola. Başak Lola, 32, entered a completely different world after seeing a dog when she was just a puppy in the Hekimbaşı Stray Animal Care Home … Read more

They said ‘I can’t live’, now 4.5 months happy

Gulden already – Today is their day. On 4 April, Stray Animal Day, announced in 2010 on the initiative of the Dutch stray animal foundations, attention is drawn to the problems faced by millions of animals living on the streets around the world. It is estimated that there are 600 million stray animals in the … Read more

The “dog-repellent” solution to dogs from white canes

FATİH, ISTANBUL (AA) – Visually impaired people, who are disturbed by the sound of white canes, perceive it as a threat and become aggressive, try to protect themselves with the help of devices such as “dog repellent” and “electric shock ” . People with visual impairments, who have overcome the difficulties they face in many … Read more

Fiat Panda in Turkey with hybrid engine option

Branding itself as “the most accessible hybrid”, Panda stresses that it will be both functional and eco-friendly with its compact structure, 7-inch touchscreen and fun exterior colors. In addition to its agile use in the city; It easily adapts to difficult terrain conditions thanks to its improved suspension, all-wheel-drive system, adjustable driving modes and downhill … Read more

Dogs released from surrounding provinces and districts have become a district’s biggest problem

Stray dogs left in Ilkadım district of Samsun, one of the surrounding districts and provinces, pose a great danger to humans. The Faded Stray Animal Care and Rehabilitation Center of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality is located within the boundaries of Ilkadım district. When this is the case, the stray animal teams of certain district municipalities bring … Read more

They won’t give Erdogan a Nobel because… – YÜKSEL AYTUĞ

Last week, in these columns, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan referred to an “opportunity” due to his role as an effective mediator between Russia and Ukraine and his diplomatic skill in preventing World War III, and declared: “Erdogan will receive- he the Nobel Peace Prize? I asked. His answer came from our reader Arif Şentürk. And … Read more