Hungry pit bulls at the Çanakkale Municipality Shelter have torn apart

CANAKKALE (UAV) – Canakkale The pit bull dogs at the municipality’s animal shelter, who reportedly starved themselves, set animal lovers in motion. These states of the dog whose stomach was pierced were recorded second by second by an animal lover. CanakkaleMehmet Keskin, who went to the municipality shelter in , was shocked by what he … Read more

What to do with dogs that attack in the street? | Nedim SENER

In my last article, I mentioned the survey conducted by the Department of Homeland Security Strategy of the Ministry of Interior among 1,105 people in 12 provinces between January 13 and 21, 2022, and the report “Looking at Stray Animals and Their Place in the Perception of Social Security”, which has been prepared accordingly. class=”cf”> … Read more

Owning a dangerous dog in Europe is subject to special authorization

Asiye Ateş, who was attacked by 2 Pitbull dogs in Şahinbey district of Gaziantep, was seriously injured. pit bull The question has returned to whether the protection and care of animals such as animals is legal or not. In addition to Turkey, the care of these animals abroad has become a matter of curiosity. Protect … Read more

Owning a dangerous dog in Europe is subject to special authorization

After a little girl was seriously injured in a pit bull attack in Gaziantep, debates about adopting strays and aggressive animals have flared up again. What is the situation in European countries? In Germany and France, owning purebred animals requires special permission, while in the UK it is illegal to own such dogs. Asiye Ateş, … Read more

Stray animal regulations are strictly enforced in Europe and the United States

Local governments are responsible for collecting and caring for stray animals on the streets in Germany, France and the Netherlands, the three largest European countries. in the surrounding area pet The diet has strict rules with penalties that can result in jail time for violations. Those who keep pets must pay taxes and receive training … Read more