“No reason or logic would accept the attacking stray dog ​​being returned to the same location after 10 days!”

Stray Dog Issues Platform Spokesperson Lawyer Devrim KocakIn a statement to the AA correspondent, he said the platform was created after high school student Mehmet Özer died in January 2019 after being attacked by 25 stray dogs in Kayseri. Expressing that there is currently a threat of stray dogs on the streets of Turkey, Koçak … Read more

Yıldız Tilbe testified

Artist Yıldız Tilbe talked about the stray dogs on his social media account on March 12 and shared, “Let the people of the region give poisonous meat to the groups of attacking dogs, so that they all die, is tearing people apart!” used the words. After the sharing, animal lovers and institutions protecting animal rights … Read more

Amazing details about stray dogs! “It’s more haunting for the visually impaired”

Visually impaired people, who have overcome the difficulties they face in many areas of life despite their disability, are uncomfortable with the growing number of stray dogs. Visually impaired people who deeply feel the love of animals thanks to the guide dogs who are their life companions and guide them, stray dogsShe is afraid to … Read more

The plague is on those who do not follow Erdogan’s instructions! Haykonfed had blocked the chef and complained! ‘Dogperestler’ darkened the child’s life!

newakit.com.tr The persistent attempt by a group known as “dog-dogs” to keep stray dogs off the streets has created new terror. The dogs turn the streets into chaos and gang upcauses injury and death, especially to children and women. Little girl who was attacked by a stray dog ​​on her way to the cat nest … Read more

Couriers pass ‘tough test’ with stray dogs

Motorcycle couriers are ready to support social responsibility projects to bring stray dogs back to their natural habitat from time to time, suddenly appearing in streets and alleys, frightening them with barking and sometimes being attacked by them. Since the start of the Covid-19 epidemic, the number of motorcycle couriers has increased with the change … Read more

Dogs left on the streets have become the biggest problem

Stray dogs left in Ilkadım district of Samsun, one of the surrounding districts and provinces, pose a great danger to humans. Samsung The Metropolitan Municipality’s Debilitated Stray Animals Care and Rehabilitation Center is located within the boundaries of Ilkadım district. When this is the case, the stray animal teams of some district municipalities bring the … Read more