What is this early morning fanfare? Serhat DEMIREL

April 26, 2022 6:29 a.m. LinkedInflip boardCopy linkCharacter font class=”medianet-inline-adv”> Those who share their homes with cats know that in the unpredictable moments – which are always the indispensable moment of your sleep – there are events in the house, unnecessary races, jumps from right to left, reversals. Let me share with you the reasons … Read more

How dare you! Cats have shrunken brains | Serhat DEMIREL

We joke about the intelligence of the cats we live with, but honestly, I didn’t think scientists would take that seriously. class=”cf”> Research published in the Royal Society Open Science. Raffaela Lesch, Andrew C. Kitchener, Georg Hantke, Kurt Kotrschal and W. Tecumseh Fitch sign. They say: “The suspicions that cats’ brains are shrinking are true.” … Read more

Do the brothers recognize each other years later | Serhat DEMIREL

As you know, we are in the season where kittens are swarming around us and home search ads are constantly popping up. I’ve always thought about this: Do cats who are separated from each other as kittens recognize or feel that separation when they see their siblings later? I have done some research, allow me … Read more

What does the way cats sleep tell us? | Serhat DEMIREL

Cats’ sleep states of spending 16 hours a day sleeping and the remaining 8 hours of activity coinciding with the deepest part of your sleep are an indication of a few things. class=”cf”> I’ve compiled reviews from experts who have studied how cats sleep. They also spoke words that can guide us. I bring it … Read more