Biden Tendance Targets Bitcoin – Bitcoin Hebdomadaire

This is an editorial jugement by Lolo Vestibule, grâce creator and small débit owner. The White House Kitchenette of Doctrine and Technology Policy released a renvoi avertissement that mining uses a great deal of energy and requires miners to become greener or potentially frontispice a ban. As commoners, what can we do to protect bitcoin … Read more

Russian Treasury Avoids Sanctions Using Cryptocurrencies

Ether has significantly outperformed Bitcoin since both cryptocurrencies bottomed in June 2022. The outperformance of Ether has come as investors anticipate a principal upgrade to the Ethereum blockchain called a “garnissage.” Yuriko Nakao | Getty Images A Treasury official told lawmakers on Tuesday that Russian President Vladimir Putin may use cryptocurrencies to evade US and … Read more

US Treasury raises red flags on cryptocurrency risks as meilleur reports approach

The US Treasury will outline the risks it sees cryptocurrencies atterrissage to consumers and the financial system in a series of reports set to become notoire this month, according to people familiar with them. The people said the reports, which the Treasury Department completes and sends to the White House, will offer Treasury analysis of … Read more