Pet cloning is becoming more common

class=”medianet-inline-adv”> Retired New York City Police Officer John Mendola decided to clone his beloved dog when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. While on duty on Long Island in 2006, a small, dirty stray dog ​​found on the street was brought to the station. “His hair was like felt, you couldn’t even brush it…and his … Read more

What is the punishment for cruelty to animals in Europe? In what conditions and where do they live?

About 100,000 pets are abandoned by their owners every year in France. Despite this, we do not encounter stray animals on the streets in France. A similar situation exists in almost all member states of the European Union, such as France. So where and in what conditions live the thousands of pets who no longer … Read more

How much does it cost to keep a pet at home? Breaking news

According to Google data, during a pandemic pet curiosity to own increased by 76%. That’s why the analysis team decided to calculate roughly how much it would cost first-time pet owners to have a new furry friend. The men’s best friend Initially, a new dog owner has to deal with one-time costs. We’ve split … Read more

The places in Dubai offering luxury hotels and restaurants for “VIP” pets

Dubai is a place full of pet services, from luxury dog ​​resorts and spas to swimming pools and glamorous grooming salons. Originally established as a mobile care service, Shampooch continues to serve pets in its distinctive pink and yellow vans, and now offers a luxury salon experience. The treatment is completed with a spray of … Read more

Member of the Scientific Committee warned! Stay away from pets

Özlem YURTÇU KARABULUT, Kubilay ÖZEV / Istanbul, (DHA) 07 April 2021 12:27 TwitterLinkedInflip boardE-mailCopy linkCharacter font The transmission of the coronavirus from humans to pets, signaling that the British variant of the virus can cause serious heart problems in pets, asked the scientific world: “Do pets also need to be vaccinated? brought the debate back … Read more

Stray animal regulations are strictly enforced in Europe and the United States

Local governments are responsible for collecting and caring for stray animals on the streets in Germany, France and the Netherlands, the three largest European countries. in the surrounding area pet The diet has strict rules with penalties that can result in jail time for violations. Those who keep pets must pay taxes and receive training … Read more