His dog, which he had taken care of for 10 years, disappeared at the shelter.

Ankara animal lover Yaşar Yurtsever delivered his dog, which he had kept in his garden for more than 10 years, to Mamak Municipality Animal Shelter following a complaint. When he went to the shelter, Yurtsever learned that his dog was missing and claimed that shelter officials told him the dog had escaped. Yaşar Yurtsever, who … Read more

The allegation that a dog owner was brutally murdered in Ayvalık

The allegation that a dog owner was brutally murdered in Ayvalık The dog that bit his lamb cut out his tongue, broke his jaw BALIKESIR – A criminal complaint has been filed with the prosecutor’s office alleging that two dogs belonging to an owner were tortured and one of them perished in Ayvalık district in … Read more

Hungry pit bulls at the Çanakkale Municipality Shelter have torn apart

CANAKKALE (UAV) – Canakkale The pit bull dogs at the municipality’s animal shelter, who reportedly starved themselves, set animal lovers in motion. These states of the dog whose stomach was pierced were recorded second by second by an animal lover. CanakkaleMehmet Keskin, who went to the municipality shelter in , was shocked by what he … Read more

The claim that the cats hidden in the wall were buried alive caused confusion.

It was claimed that the cavity in the wall of a site in Çayırova district was covered with poured concrete, even though cats were hiding inside. The incident happened last Saturday at a site in Çayırova district in Kocaeli. According to the information obtained, the hole in the wall of the site was filled by … Read more