This is how he described the shocking scene! Either he would kill the dog or the baby would die…

It was a quiet evening for the Morales family. The Morales family, living in Pico Rivera, California, USA, spent Sunday together as usual, three generations. With his grandmother Margaret Morales at home, he had two daughters, a son and a one-year-old granddaughter. Sundays, when no one went to work and everyone spent time together at … Read more

ATSO Pioneer in Vocational Education – Akdeniz Telegraph

ANTALYA Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ATSO) President Davut Çetin announced that in cooperation with ATSO MESEM and TOBB MEYBEM, a total of 1000 people received internationally recognized professional qualification certificates. ATSO, ATSO MESEM and TOBB MEYBEM A.Ş. President Davut Çetin said that 98 examinations were held in 20 different professions within the scope of … Read more

hidden beauty of Bodrum Amanruya opened the new season | Gastronomy Turkey by Refine | Gastronomy Turkey | Gastronomy News

Amanruya Bodrum offers a privileged world of discovery with its unique and sophisticated gastronomic, artistic and sports experiences for the new season. Located in a quiet valley on the Bodrum peninsula, in great harmony with its hidden deep blue sea, lush thyme and pine forest. AmanruyaBodrumopened the season with new and privileged experiences. Amanruya Bodrum, … Read more

Criminal complaint by Yıldız Tilbe, whose post about stray animals sparked a backlash

Singer Yıldız Tilbe has filed a criminal complaint against people, including famous names, for making threats and insults about her after she posted on social media about stray dogs. Tilbe issued a statement to members of the press: “Why should I be insulted so much, is it because I stand up for people? Is it … Read more

The most emotional and noble animal in the world: AT

RANA SINEM AYTAŞ / I NEWS HeyhorseHe spent 30 years of his life with horses, B.Equine Horse riding in-house coaching Derya ErbudakWe asked what we were interested in. in Izmir Begum Yaras We visited the facility, which was brought by Dr. Erbudak, and learned the unknown about Erbudak’s horses. How did horses come into your … Read more

Dogs with ‘sensitive noses’ are actually looking for his ball, not drugs

False information that narcotic “sensitive nose” dogs participating in operations in ANTALYA were given drugs during training upsets trainers. Explaining that this information is not true, police officer Buse Güler said: “When the dogs are trained, their toys are trained with the ball. The ball and the drug substance are hidden in the same place. … Read more

Dogs released from surrounding provinces and districts have become a district’s biggest problem

Stray dogs left in Ilkadım district of Samsun, one of the surrounding districts and provinces, pose a great danger to humans. The Faded Stray Animal Care and Rehabilitation Center of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality is located within the boundaries of Ilkadım district. When this is the case, the stray animal teams of certain district municipalities bring … Read more

Are there any diseases that can be transmitted from humans to animals?

Stating that humans, animals and diseases are more closely linked than ever, veterinarian specialist in obstetrics and gynecology, Dr. Murat Akbaş gave the following information on diseases transmitted from humans to animals: FINDING TUBERCULOSIS IN CATS, DOGS, ELEPHANSVACCINETIRE “Cases of bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi passing from humans to animals have been found on every … Read more