The 25 Most Common Mistakes Cat Owners Make

During the last years rapid increase in the number of cat owners It’s a blessing, but some cat owners aren’t experienced enough in caring for a cat. This can cause serious health problems. To put an end to these very common mistakes, which you will read about in a moment. It may save your cat’s … Read more

Our Source of Joy and Happiness Maltese Terriers

Our source of joy and happiness, Maltese terriers are very popular among small breed dogs. The Maltese terrier breed, which is one of the most favorite dog breeds in the world, will impress you with its friendliness and playfulness. Especially their very short and long hair is the most distinctive feature of this breed. Also, … Read more

Real politicians don’t tire the people – Timeturk News

Time’s Turkish Economics Director Mehmet Canıtatlı shared with our readers the citizen’s perspective, struggling with the cost of living, on the fatigue of the National Alliance’s ambiguity during the electoral process presidential. In a politicized society, it is very difficult to think well and do intelligent things. No matter what country they are in, sane … Read more