This is how he described the shocking scene! Either he would kill the dog or the baby would die…

It was a quiet evening for the Morales family. The Morales family, living in Pico Rivera, California, USA, spent Sunday together as usual, three generations. With his grandmother Margaret Morales at home, he had two daughters, a son and a one-year-old granddaughter. Sundays, when no one went to work and everyone spent time together at … Read more

WHAT IS SALMONELLA? What are the symptoms of Salmonella, is there a cure? How is it transmitted?

Salmonella bacteria have been found in children in England. If he created a shock effect in this country, his parents were also worried in Turkey. Citizens who want information about this bacterium after the bacterium seen in the brand of chocolate, “What is Salmonella bacterium? What are the symptoms of Salmonella?” he asks. WHAT ARE … Read more

hidden beauty of Bodrum Amanruya opened the new season | Gastronomy Turkey by Refine | Gastronomy Turkey | Gastronomy News

Amanruya Bodrum offers a privileged world of discovery with its unique and sophisticated gastronomic, artistic and sports experiences for the new season. Located in a quiet valley on the Bodrum peninsula, in great harmony with its hidden deep blue sea, lush thyme and pine forest. AmanruyaBodrumopened the season with new and privileged experiences. Amanruya Bodrum, … Read more