What does it mean to see a white horse in a dream? What does it mean to see a prancing and flying white horse in a dream?

You saw a noble or noble white horse in your dream. Maybe it was a good dream, maybe it was bad… Well, what exactly does it mean to see a white horse in a dream, do you know what it means ? So let’s explain, the rest is in our article! To see a white … Read more

What does it mean to see a black horse in a dream? What does it mean to see many black horses in a dream?

To see a dark horse in a dream can represent the future. Other details of the dream can steer the meaning of the dream differently. So what does it mean to see a herd of black horses in a dream? What awaits the person who sees a long-maned black horse in his dream in the … Read more

We forgot our promises to the horse – Yeni Şafak

Emin Mahir Başdoğan has been a rider for many years. His passion for horses dates back to his childhood. After college, he continued his professional life in business for a while. But after a while he began to work on horseback riding. Başdoğan, who moved to Çanakkale Bayramiç with his horses six years ago, recently … Read more

But a horse can be even more profitable! How so?

2021.04.26 06:30 Subscribe After the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) ended the horse-drawn carriage practice on the islands, it adopted 100 horses which it purchased. The horses donated to Hatay Dörtyol Municipality from MHP disappeared despite their tokens. Allegations that the horses were sold to surrounding provinces or to Iraq were covered in the media. “Is … Read more

The most emotional and noble animal in the world: AT

RANA SINEM AYTAŞ / I NEWS HeyhorseHe spent 30 years of his life with horses, B.Equine Horse riding in-house coaching Derya ErbudakWe asked what we were interested in. in Izmir Begum Yaras We visited the facility, which was brought by Dr. Erbudak, and learned the unknown about Erbudak’s horses. How did horses come into your … Read more

Haftar’s forces also looted a thoroughbred horse farm in Libya

Khalifa Haftar, the leader of the illegitimate armed forces in eastern Libya, also looted the farm, home to the famous thoroughbred horses, in the attack he launched to seize the capital. Veterinarian Imad al-Shaab, 25, founder of the Eş-Shaab thoroughbred breeding farm near Terhune province, opened the doors of the establishment, which was attacked by … Read more

Champion Foals – Horse Racing Predictions

Births of pregnant mares began at the Anatolian Agricultural Enterprise Directorate stud farm in Mahmudiye district of Eskişehir, which is affiliated with the General Directorate of Agricultural Enterprise (TİGEM). In the births that will last until May, 32 of the 129 pregnant mares have foaled. While the foals which are specially cared for in the … Read more

81 horses slaughtered in the Islands

he is Governor’s office, some horseIn the years snot diseaseStating that 81 horses have been found infected with the disease for which there was no cure, slaughter reported that. In the written statement made by the district governor’s office, it was stated that all equines (horse, donkey, mule) in the district were subject to health … Read more

When his love for horses grew heavy, he set his sights on the forge.

After her training in philosophy, 26-year-old Şeyma Kalkan, a graduate of the equestrian and training program of Mennan Pasinli Professional Equestrian School of Uludağ University, will be the only professional female blacksmith in Turkey after completing her professional training with her master. (Sebnem Coşkun – Anadolu Agency) After studying philosophy, the 26-year-old graduated from the … Read more