This is how he described the shocking scene! Either he would kill the dog or the baby would die…

It was a quiet evening for the Morales family. The Morales family, living in Pico Rivera, California, USA, spent Sunday together as usual, three generations. With his grandmother Margaret Morales at home, he had two daughters, a son and a one-year-old granddaughter. Sundays, when no one went to work and everyone spent time together at … Read more

His dog, which he had taken care of for 10 years, disappeared at the shelter.

Ankara animal lover Yaşar Yurtsever delivered his dog, which he had kept in his garden for more than 10 years, to Mamak Municipality Animal Shelter following a complaint. When he went to the shelter, Yurtsever learned that his dog was missing and claimed that shelter officials told him the dog had escaped. Yaşar Yurtsever, who … Read more

Request for legal regulation to solve the problem of stray dogs

It was stated that a provision should be made in the Animal Welfare Law No. 5199 so that citizens can comfortably walk the streets without fear of stray dogs and return home, school, park , to the garden and to the beaches. Spokesperson for the stray dog ​​issues platform, lawyer Devrim Koçak, told Anadolu (AA) … Read more

Human Foods Dogs Can Safely Eat

Veterinary Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Ebru Akbaş gave the following information about the human food that dogs can eat: FRUITS DOGS CAN EAT APPLE: He can eat except the seeds. It contains vitamin A, vitamin C and fiber that your dog needs for his health. PEAR: Pears are sweet, tender and juicy and many dogs … Read more

What is this early morning fanfare? Serhat DEMIREL

April 26, 2022 6:29 a.m. LinkedInflip boardCopy linkCharacter font class=”medianet-inline-adv”> Those who share their homes with cats know that in the unpredictable moments – which are always the indispensable moment of your sleep – there are events in the house, unnecessary races, jumps from right to left, reversals. Let me share with you the reasons … Read more

Drug detection dogs have become the biggest supporter of the police in Hakkari

YÜKSEKOVA, HAKKARI (AA) – Hakkari 4 dogs with sensitive noses within the body of the police departments of Yüksekova and Yüksekova do not allow drugs in the operations in which they participate with their narcotics teams. The detector dogs named “Ayzek”, “Roma”, “Tipi” and “Işık”, which were sent to the city after the training they … Read more

Pug Dog Care and Traits

Pug Dog Breed Information The Pug dog is said to be among the oldest dog breeds on earth. With an estimated history dating back to 400 BC, the Pug might even be the oldest dog in history. According to some researchers, the breed that is believed to be descended from the Pekingese breed is called … Read more

Police ‘sensitive noses’ are the police’s greatest helpers

The Istanbul Police Department, which serves with its various units and thousands of employees, is not the only factor that benefits from its capabilities, but the police. Thanks to their sensitive senses and their harmony with people, dogs that show their superior abilities by being part of the police team act as companions to the … Read more