Çanakkale’s terrible claim has raised social media! Dogs starve to death at care center

Moments when Pitbull dogs crashed while eating each other at Çanakkale Municipality Stray Animal Care and Rehabilitation Center, captured yesterday by animal lover Mehmet Keskin with his cell phone camera and shared on social networks. The images initially sparked reactions. In footage shared on social media, a Pitbull dog is seen on top of a … Read more

Hungry pit bulls at the Çanakkale Municipality Shelter have torn apart

CANAKKALE (UAV) – Canakkale The pit bull dogs at the municipality’s animal shelter, who reportedly starved themselves, set animal lovers in motion. These states of the dog whose stomach was pierced were recorded second by second by an animal lover. CanakkaleMehmet Keskin, who went to the municipality shelter in , was shocked by what he … Read more