This is how he described the shocking scene! Either he would kill the dog or the baby would die…

It was a quiet evening for the Morales family. The Morales family, living in Pico Rivera, California, USA, spent Sunday together as usual, three generations. With his grandmother Margaret Morales at home, he had two daughters, a son and a one-year-old granddaughter. Sundays, when no one went to work and everyone spent time together at … Read more

WHAT IS SALMONELLA? What are the symptoms of Salmonella, is there a cure? How is it transmitted?

Salmonella bacteria have been found in children in England. If he created a shock effect in this country, his parents were also worried in Turkey. Citizens who want information about this bacterium after the bacterium seen in the brand of chocolate, “What is Salmonella bacterium? What are the symptoms of Salmonella?” he asks. WHAT ARE … Read more

Shocking question: “Do you want to shake my daughter like you hook up a cat with a dog?”

Hearing the request for a microchip, the citizen said that when he misunderstood the litter, he called the vet and made a shocking request, saying he wanted his daughter’s ear chipped. An incredible event happened in Kocaeli. Following a misunderstanding about the microchip method used to register pets, a person called the vet and asked … Read more

Pet cloning is becoming more common despite its high cost

John MendolaJohn Mendola had his old dog cloned to produce these two genetically identical copies. Retired New York City Police Officer John Mendola decided to clone his beloved dog when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. In 2006, while on duty in Long Island, a dirty little stray found on the street was brought to … Read more

Don’t get in the carriage, say stop to the dead horses!

Subscribe HULYA PINE More than 400 horses die every year on the islands of Istanbul due to neglect, abuse, injury and unsuitable living conditions. Although the average life expectancy is 25 years, Phaeton horses can only live for 2 years. Last Saturday, another horse broke and died in Büyükada. Watch Me, Responsive Living Association has … Read more

“Love in her gaze is like therapy” – Breaking News Milliyet

Gulden already – Gülnur Özçetin, who said she wanted to adopt a dog because she was in love with her husband, realized this dream after her marriage. Stating they decided after seeing dog Rozzy on the adoption page, he said: “While my wife and I were single we wanted to adopt a dog separately but … Read more

He learned a lot from the trumpet.

Gulden already – “Do you want to be my family?” by Milliyet Those who want to participate in the project can draw their courage from the story of Başak Lola. Başak Lola, 32, entered a completely different world after seeing a dog when she was just a puppy in the Hekimbaşı Stray Animal Care Home … Read more

They said ‘I can’t live’, now 4.5 months happy

Gulden already – Today is their day. On 4 April, Stray Animal Day, announced in 2010 on the initiative of the Dutch stray animal foundations, attention is drawn to the problems faced by millions of animals living on the streets around the world. It is estimated that there are 600 million stray animals in the … Read more

All pets will be microchipped.

Mustafa Yel, Chairman of the Animal Rights Committee of the Grand National Assembly of Turkeyannounced that the 36-article Animal Rights Bill they have prepared will be submitted to the Turkish Grand National Assembly (TBMM) within two months. According to news from Umut Erdem from Hürriyet, Yel gave the following details about the offer: We are … Read more