Request for legal regulation to solve the problem of stray dogs

Spokesperson for the stray dog ​​issues platform, lawyer Devrim Koçak, told Anadolu (AA) Agency that the platform was established after high school student Mehmet Özer died in January 2019 after being attacked by 25 stray dogs in Kayseri. Expressing that there is currently a threat of stray dogs on the streets of Turkey, Koçak compared … Read more

Drug detection dogs have become the biggest supporter of the police in Hakkari

The detector dogs named “Ayzek”, “Roma”, “Tipi” and “Işık”, which were sent to the city after the training they received at the General Directorate of Security’s Gölbaşı Dog Training Center , Department for the Fight against Narcotic Offenses, play an active role in the fight against drugs, a source of financing terrorism. The dogs, whose … Read more

Changes in migration routes affect the lives of storks

Weather conditions, climate change, environmental pollution and urbanization are known to play a vital role during stork migration. Due to the indirect or direct effects of man on nature, these creatures experience certain dangers when migrating. The fact that storks are injured during migration or perish for various reasons also affects the population of some … Read more

Police ‘sensitive noses’ are the police’s greatest helpers

The Istanbul Police Department, which serves with its various units and thousands of employees, is not the only factor that benefits from its capabilities, but the police. Thanks to their sensitive senses and their harmony with people, dogs that show their superior abilities by being part of the police team act as companions to the … Read more

The Chinese “panda diplomats”

BEIJING – Tevfik Durul China’s 60-year-old “panda diplomacy” has returned to the international public agenda, with a pair of pandas donated to the country during President Xi Jinping’s visit to Germany last week. During his contacts in the capital Berlin ahead of the G20 leaders’ summit, he visited Panda Park, where panda couple Mingming, 4, … Read more

“Barons of the war against the silence of the guns”

Devlet Bahceli, President of the MHP, In his speech at his party’s group meeting, he recalled that CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu gave a lecture on “understanding Atatürk” at the CHP party school. “I wonder what he understood, what was he talking about? Asked by Bahceli, he said trying to explain something or someone he doesn’t … Read more

Proposal to make sterilization of stray dogs a government policy

Biting incidents, which sometimes occur in different cities of Turkey and sometimes claim the lives of people, always put the problem of stray dogs back on the agenda. This problem awaits a solution in Istanbul, the city with the largest population of stray dogs. Experts agree that sterilization is the only method to solve this … Read more

Couriers pass ‘tough test’ with stray dogs

Motorcycle couriers are ready to support social responsibility projects to bring stray dogs back to their natural habitat from time to time, suddenly appearing in streets and alleys, frightening them with barking and sometimes being attacked by them. Since the start of the Covid-19 epidemic, the number of motorcycle couriers has increased with the change … Read more

Identity comes to horses and donkeys

ANKARA Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestockwhen, horse and donkeyincluding the equinesof identityrendered was made mandatory. The Ministry’s regulation on the identification and monitoring of equidae was published in the Official Journal to come into force on December 31, 2019. The regulation regulates the identification of equine breeding businesses and the identification of animals in … Read more

Horse therapy for children with Down syndrome

Kutluay Şenel, who was impressed by the love of horse riding of children with Down syndrome, founded a sports club together with his wife, where healthy and special children aged 3-6 can learn horse riding. Senel, impressed by the expression of happiness of a child with Down syndrome, whom he rides on his horse, which … Read more