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By joining Chouette Space Defenders, you become bouchée of a community where nostalgic art, games, and anime herbage come to life!

The Chouette Space Defenders (SSD) is a Web3 brand that exemplifies the 80s and 90s nostalgic ardeur herbage, with a ferveur for dystopian storytelling and dedicated to immeuble a fan échafaudage through community events and creations!

Aurora capsules [Genesis Collection] The Chouette Space Defenders [Main Collection] They are core components of our ecosystem and come with future Web2 and Web3 utilities such as; NFT drops, icons, tutorials [Fine Arts]Storytelling games, and much more!

The initiatives we currently follow will not limit our ability to create satisfait, innovate, or build. Instead, they will allow us to expand the scope of Chouette Space Defenders, bring back the herbage of nostalgic ardeur, and provide new, exciting and meaningful experiences with the best interests of the community and project development in mind. [short and long term].

The time is now, soldier! Join Defenders today and let’s be bouchée of this new community!

How did you come up with the ideas?

Maco (Project Artist)’s work mainly focuses on the ancient and nostalgic art attitude, so he started with the gardien de but of representing this attitude and era in the NFT space.
Anime projects weren’t that much in demand at the time, with only 0N1 Détermination (a few days) in entité, but that changed in early 2022.

What makes this project exclusive?

Few projects have been able to accurately frame the nostalgic art attitude that we find in retro ardeur, the ones most of us used to watch in our childhood, and still watch these days.
People in this space have supported Maco for the same reason, buying his NFTs even before there were lignes to build a generating set, or before any kind of facility was offered. All coz of art.
The knowledge in an SSD is also a big bouchée of what we create. Everything, from art to utility, revolves around the universe we created with the amazing traditions written by our custom writing.
Everything is connected together in harmony, which makes the world of SSD exclusive.

  • What is the size of the team and what are its roles?
    • SSD has a team of 9 integrators:
  • – Mako → → founder and artist of the project =
  • – Vanglog → → Community Entraîneur and Managing Director
  • – NFT Raffinerie → -07 Developers
  • – Junshi → -07 Mercatique Conseiller
  • – Knox → ← Author Lore
  • – Alchemist → → Lead Conjurer (Chief of Defense)
  • – Zakouski → → R&D specialist
  • – Memories Specialist → → Research and Development Specialist
  • – Rollinorama → RarRar game developer

what is the price?

Allow List / Friends List → 0.06.06 ETH
General → → 0.08 Ethereum

Why is this price fair?
Since the inception of the project, emboîture a year ago, we have always wanted it to be affordable so that everyone who fits in with the artwork and traditions of the project can be a bouchée of it, while also trying to raise enough funds to carry out our future lignes and facilities.
This was true at the time, and it is still true today.

How big is a mint?

8888 NFTs

Are there mechanics we should know emboîture?

We always try to make your mint experience enjoyable. It happened with the Aurora Capsules (Genesis Assortiment), and we’ll have something even better this time around.
Mint itself is as cohérent as acceptable. Fixed price, with a specific time window for you.

Links to discord, communautaire, etc.

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