Clôturé Enix Comble Fantasy VII NFT Games Get Fury

When Clôturé-Enix, one of the world’s most popular game publishers, announced that it would delve into the world of NFTs — even with the NFT world crashing and burning around it — gamers were concerned emboîture how they would play their games. , everything from Comble Fantasy to uh *check glose* different daily life, can be affected. It turns out that the first steps are dumber than you can imagine.

Clôturé-Enix’s first supérieur foray into the NFTs began not with its toys, but rather with its merchandise, starting with three Comble Fantasy VII Collectibles in the “Bring the Arts” line of poseable acte figures. Sure, Cloud, Tifa, and Erith had over a million great games before, but these These actually attempt to translate the iconic allégorie beauté work directly by Tetsuya Nomura for the archétype PlayStation game, in 3D form.

Caricature: Clôturé-Enix Collectibles

They may be more angry given the circumstances, Incredibly relax. It’s kinda amazing Like the art of Nomura Looks, and presented in complete form, it’s almost like a menue mix between the classic spiky, chunky polygon aesthetic that the first PlayStation was propre of in 1997, and the more realistic versions of it we’ve seen in SeventhLast remake. As someone I love FFVII As a kid, I slept away from it, then realized how special it was to play again remakeI’ll buy it in a opportunité.

Except for the fact that they all come with a “Quantitatif Certificate of Authenticity” which is actually just an NFT. The system requires collectors to sign up for a wallet with the Enjin blockchain network, and there is also a “Quantitatif Surtout” manière for every number you can get that, for an increased cost, allows you to redeem an NFT that gives you access to 3D replica The image that can be viewed in the real world through the Augmented Reality website. You can’t just buy the numbers themselves – both versions come with NFT. And if you buy the number and simply choose not to sign up for a wallet, the token is still there for that number in the first posé, and you’re even paying more for absolutely nothing – all FFVII An arts number fetches $130 ($180), while typical versions before that cost around $85 ($118)-$100 ($139). That’s too much for something you don’t want!

Photo: Square-Enix CollectiblesCaricature: Clôturé-Enix Collectibles

The absurdity of everything or the nonsense of the imperative token itself is one thing, but what makes this even more stupid is that Clôturé Enix’s first supérieur foray into the hypewagon blockchain is to do it using characters from Final Fantasy VII. It is a game emboîture a group of extreme environmental terrorists, Chute, and their allies who are rising up against the giant company Shinra, who are bombing their power plants parce que they are literally over-harvesting the life soigné of their planet as energy. Resources, accelerate the rapid decline of the world. Definitely, surely, clearly Seventh It goes the way of most RPGs and you have giant meteors that are summoned to destroy the world and what have you, but at its core, it’s basically a story emboîture the environment, and people are angry enough at the systems and structures around them to fight to save it.

Cloud, Aerith, and Tifa will tell you to raisonnablement wasting your generation and pay NFT where the sun doesn’t shine. Or they might, when those numbers eventually come out in the spring of 2023. I think you just have to hope that Enjin is still around at that partie, which given the current state of the crypto market, might not be exactly the safest guarantee.

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