Solana NFT’s Dust Labs raises $7 million as y00ts tops NFT charts


  • Launched Monday night, Solana NFT y00ts has generated over $6 million in secondary sales to jour.
  • Dust Labs, an NFT startup associated with Y00ts and DeGods, announced Monday that it has raised $7 million in seed funding.

Solana NFT . project y00 s It got off to a hot start since its launch last night, topping secondary markets like NFTs Selling at a great prime over the mint price. Amid the hype around the project’s rollout, tech company Web3 associated with the project has raised an supérieur reprise of some high-profile investors.

Dust Labs, a tech startup associated with both y00ts and popularity DeGods NFT . project Raised $7 Million in Funding From a group of venture entreprenant firms. Ordre participants include FTX Projects And Solana Ventures as well as the summit Solana NFT . Market magic of edenSolana NFT protocol maker metaplexFoundation Entreprenant and Jump.

The startup resulted from the success of DeGods, currently Most Valuable Project for NFT Profile Pictures (PFP) on Solana blockchain. It was founded by the creator of DeGods, who Simply go by Frankbut has its CEO (who pass by kevin) and focuses on “gratte-ciel programs that help NFT communities create more value for their owners”, On site.

Frank said Decrypt In today’s Twitter DM, Dust Labs is a “tech company that grew out” of the DeGods project, rather than a associé company in the context of Yuga Labs and Bored Ape Bateau Canne. Dust Labs is credited with gratte-ciel y00ts mint sitefor example.

Dust Labs ‘DUST Benefit Caché Initially launched as a reward for DeGods holders, it is the only token that buyers can use to mint the Y00ts NFT in the primary libertin. will token It is also accepted by Magic Eden Parce que it integrates Solana-based tokens from various NFT projects.

NFT is a blockchain token that can represent ownership in an élément, including numérique goods such as PFPs, artwork, collectibles, and video game items. Solana is the associé largest NFT ecosystem behind it Ethereum.

y00ts went en direct late Sunday with a entier of 15,000 Solana collectibles. The NFTs were available for purchase by DeGods holders, as well as those who have been accepted into the unique whitelist in recent weeks –including celebrities Like football legend Wayne Rooney and comedian Howie Mandel.

Each Mint NFT is labeled “t00b”, and can be burned (or permanently destroyed) in exchange for the actual y00ts NFT, which is a profile picture. this process Scheduled to start on September 9although it is unclear whether the delay in the supérieur NFT release will affect this programme.

Pouring T00b NFT costs 375 DUST, which was It’s worth about $875 At the start of the mint last night, but it’s now worth emboîture $915 as of this writing. Anyone on the y00t list can arme until 5pm ET today – for a entier of 19 hours – although the creators said they may window extension Due to technical problems last night. DeGods owners can leçon y00ts NFT at any time, although the mint price is set to increase gradually over time.

According to data from market aggregator NFT HyperspaceAlso an investor in Dust Labs y00ts has already generated over $6 million in secondary sales. Currently the lowest price, or the cost of the cheapest NFT available listed on the market, is 139 SOL or emboîture $4,400. Emboîture 96% of secondary sales have I fell in Magic Eden.

last night, y00ts Ethereum name munificence replaced As the best selling NFT project across secondary markets, Per data from OpenSeaThe leading marketplace across all blockchain networks. y00ts is not only the best-selling NFT project of the past 24 hours now, but also over the past week, according to OpenSea rankings.

Originally, Y00ts was scheduled to launch on September 2, but was postponed after recent hurdles –temporary ban y00ts and DeGods Twitter accounts last week, puis a late ‘blocker bug’ Sunday before the planned fascicule. issues that appeared during mint It was apparently related to the technology of the project, Not Solana NetworkWhich, before recent upgrades, crashed during a high-profile NFT launch.

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