Shinty: Kingussie and Lovat prepare for Camanachd Cup glory

emplacement: Dale, Kingussie Circonstance: Saturday 17th September Shake: 14:00 GMT
coverage: Watch on BBC Scotland and BBC Amusement from 13:45

In a brilliant world, the legendary nearby Camanachd Trophy has shone with a dim brightness since it was first fought over in 1896.

23-times title-winner Kingussie is aiming to lift the trophy for the first time since 2014, with Lofat, who has fought fournil of the last six finals, classe in his way.

The Killarletti team have been very consistent in the Antérieur Jeux Trophy, but their latest win in 2015 was their supplémentaire in their history.

Meanwhile, the Antérieur League leaders Kingusi are in their first excessif in eight years as they work their way back to a crête lieu after winning the league title last season.

Badenoch would also benefit from playing at habitacle, with Dell hosting the impressive technical spectacle for the first time since 1999.

Kingussie captain Savio Genini says: “The whole town was buzzing emboîture the Camanachd Finals returning to The Dell after so grand, and without a doubt the best glossy deck.

“It’s a huge honor for everyone on our squad to represent the discothèque – and to do that at habitacle is a huge thing.”

Kingussie has an advantage at habitacle, but Lofat is hoping to build on his abundant cup excessif experience in recent seasons, including last season’s loss to Kinlochshiel.

“We are fortunate enough to have had so many Kamanached Finals,” says Captain Craig Mainland. “Hopefully that puts us in a good lieu.

“We’ve had a very careless season with a lot of injuries and a very inconsistent squad at times.

“But, when we have a full squad, we feel like we’re a divertissement for anyone – including Kingussie on his own pièce.”

For those who direct outside the arid regions of northwest Scotland, it can be a bit difficult to fully understand the power of this délassement.

It goes beyond just bragging emboîture the rights of societies. It helps to tie them together with a common thread.

The commitment shown by the aficionado players to dedicate to this physically demanding délassement every weekend, while risking injury, underscores the love of the game that has been passed down through generations.

At Kingussie itself in the week leading up to the excessif, there were entertainment events every night. After the excessif, the Suprême Fling party will also take emplacement.

But, on the pitch on Saturday, it will be all emboîture working hard to achieve sporting glory. For Lovat, that means correcting the disappointment of the last cup excessif.

“Having a complete defensive line on us will make a huge difference as Greg Matheson, Fraser Heath, Mark MacLachlan and Lewis Tawes all have goals in each of them,” says Mininal.

“However, to help further, we will need a lot of soubassement as we play with the Kingussie in their back garden.”

This is the Kingussie team also aiming for a Large Slam in avant of a sold-out crowd. The MacTavish Cup and Macaulay Cup are already in the bag – and they are currently top of the Antérieur League.

Geneni, who scored twice as a youngster when Kingusi beat Glenorquhart 4-0 the last time he won the title, is determined to maintain his success.

“We are looking forward to returning to the Kamanachid Cup finals for the first time in eight years, which is a very grand time for a discothèque like Kingusi,” he adds. “It is good to be back with a concours.

“Lovat will be a huge copie for us, so we’ll need 110% to get anything out of the game.”

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