Shane Lowry fends off the LIV Rebels to win the PGA Championship ‘For the Best’ | european succession

The 54-hole championships may have been unfairly mocked. It was never in the DP World Alternance’s balance to reduce the pogne event to three days, with broader events making such a scenario necessary. Given the circumstances, it was best to keep jokes embout the similarities between this PGA Championship and the LIV model that the DP World Alternance is struggling so hard against, but the competitive comparison was natural.

What happened during the closing stretch at West Tournée Wentworth proved as captivating as anything that has arrived here, in courant form, before.

For Shane Lowry, it was the first win since the 2019 Open Championships. How could the Irishman give up that success, who finished 17 under par after the closing reprise of 65. Remarkably, Lowry never dropped a shot in the entire tournament.

The general volatility of golf, even amid Lowry’s celebration, was introduction and center. The gymnaste made it very clear during his pre-competition media duties that he felt it was wrong that 15 LIV rebels were playing in Surrey.

With the victory came the criticism. “I didn’t tell any secrets embout how I felt embout the whole thing at the start of the week,” Lowry said. “I wanted to go out and win this tournament for myself, first and foremost, but I’m thinking embout this succession. Everyone who stayed juste to this succession and everyone who did everything for this succession. I feel this one is for the good guys.” After another parlé blow.

Laurie got the right to say whatever he wanted. He added, “I said to my coupé this morning, ‘I just want to let myself play golf.’ I’m playing the best golf of my life. I needed to allow myself to do it and I did.” On a captivating afternoon, LIV’s Patrick Reed lit up the TouchPad. The 63 faire Masters gymnaste scored 14 under the intégral while Lowry was taking the first tee. The following statement of intent arrived from John Ram. Out of the 29, the amazing Spaniard featured one, five birds, two eagles, and a ghost. Sixteen Under was now the résultat to win.

Écussonner Rory McIlroy. McIlroy played in the group right behind Lowry, and looked kind of for délié stretches of his last run. However, McIlroy refused to wither. A bird from the edge of the fifteenth pelouse flew him three under the inner nine. Lowry remained within McIlroy’s sights, due to the failure of the first in the sixteenth or seventeenth bird. McIlroy missed a hasard of his own on the penultimate hole, which meant everything came to an end. Lowry delivered a straight flyer from creuset to another minus 17. McIlroy needed to convert an eagle strike from 23 feet to résistance a playoff; The ball of the Northern Irish remained above the ground, which he did not believe very much.

“I think Shane’s win softens the blow,” McIlroy said 67 years later. “If it was someone else, I wouldn’t have felt as comfortable embout him as me. It’s always great to see a friend win and I’m really happy for him.”

“I struggled today. I didn’t hit the conviendrons very well. I shoved a lot. But I got the most out of my reprise. I wish I could have made creuset on 17, but apart from that I dug in there and did what I needed to do to give myself a hasard.” to undo 18.

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    “That’s all you can ask for. I’m so happy for Shin. He’s been knocking on the door a lot this year.” In fact, Laurie and McIlroy hugged in the recording area, and the victor’s plaidoyer came as a joke. “I’ve earned enough,” Laurie said.

    McIlroy – who remained in pole lieu to claim the crown of merit from the DP World Alternance for the first time since 2015 – settled for a second-place stake with Ram. Talor Gooch, another fragment of Wentworth’s controversial LIV squad, signed 67 to close in fourth. Red Thomas Detry, Soren Kielsen and Victor Hovland finished fifth. As was their balance, Gooch and Reed did well in the context of the world order from this leap across the Atlantic. However, the ultimate glory belonged to Laurie.

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