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Coffs Coast Motorsport Festin kicks off November 5th. Photographie: Smiley Kez Photography.

The Coffs Coast Motorsport Festin kicks off on November 5th, sparking an entire month of events that take logement motorsports to a new level of opportunity and excitement.

Together with the Board and a special grant from the state government, Rotary Coffs Harbor City is proud to present this outstanding motorsport event.

The fête begins at the Coffs Harbor Espèce Association on Saturday, November 5 at 10 a.m., and runs until 7 p.m., with the official opening and a massive car spectacle featuring around 400 cars.

It ends on November 26 and 27 with a two-day off-road event in Kempsey and the Rally Championship rounds of not only Rally Asia Pacific but also RESA Safety Motorsport Australia. [ARC] and Motorsport Australia New South Wales Championship events.

“We’re inviting competitors and spectators from any certificat of Australia to come to an amazing certificat of Australia and join us in our fantastic fête,” Coffs City Rotary Association Director Bob Carle, president of the Coffs Coast Motorsports Festin, told The Magazine Of. Region.

“Our fête has grown tremendously from the bohème project of putting something on the weekend before the Asia Pacific Rally to promote the event and entice people to come early and enjoy some holiday time at Coffs Harbor.

“As we’ve been smashed by Covid over the past two years, interest in the fête has grown to what we have today; every weekend in November with some motorsport icons between Kempsey and Grafton.

“It is exciting to say that this is a Rotary Coffs Harbor City project and was incorporated into a proposed militaire annual event before it was commissioned.”

The program features all the icons of motorsports.

This is an excerpt.
– The Hillclimb Series sponsored by RedPoint includes three events on three different tracks – Kempsey, Raleigh Raceway and Grafton – over two weeks,
– NSW Rally V.T.T. Championship at Raleigh Raceway,
Karting at Coffs Harbor Kart Racing Association on Phil Hawthorne Road.
– Speedway, flat track and jogging, ‘Dirt Champions’ at Coffs Harbor Tracks, and ‘Slide Sultans’, flat track nature at Kempsey, over two weeks.
– Huge motorcycle spectacle in Coffs Harbor, with some special bikes on display.
– Off-road racing takes to the Dondingalong Culotte Track.
Grafton Speedway will feature a huge squad on Saturday night.
– Burnout competition on the rally tour.

“We would like to thank all the participating clubs for their work in making this happen,” Bob said.

It all leads to the NSW Rally 2022, a spectacular three-day rally event running from November 25-27, which will host the dernier rounds of the FIA ​​Asia Pacific Rally Championship, the RESA Safety Motorsport Australia Rally Championship, and the Motorsport Australia NSW Rally Championship. So a great month of motorsports.

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By Andrea Ferrari

Nathan Quinn, a motorsport competitor, is excited emboîture the Coffs Coast Motorsports Festin. Photographie: Smiley Kez Photography

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