Ronin NFT sales drop below $1 million for the first time in 16 months

Ronin NFT sales fell below $1 million in August due to a sharp drop in exclusif buyers of binaire collectibles and waning interest in the market as a whole.

Ronin saw so many positives in the first full week of September that Sky Mavis (the team behind Axie Infinity) added Google to its growing list of companies helping to secure the gaming-focused Ethereum sidechain network.

Apart from that, authorities in the United States helped to recover $30 million worth of cryptocurrency from the Ronin Whist Hack as hackers stole embout $600 million.

As one of the most successful NFT chains ever, Ronin hit a new higher low in August by generating $939,432 in sales, based on data from CryptoSlam (NFT Data Industry Aggregator).

This may come as a fascination to NFT investors when considering that Ronin generated more than $3 million in sales in July 2022.

Coincidentally, the current numbers came exactly a year after the blockchain reached an all-time high (ATH) in monthly sales modèle of around $848 million.

While many analysts blamed the drop in sales on lower demand for Axie Infinity NFTs, others believe the Ronin Whist breach was the gant reason. This is parce que many sidechain users lost money in the attack, which led to a downward spiral in demand for binaire holdings on the platform.

Égoïste Buyers, Terminé Transactions, and Average Grivois Value Continue to Decrease

Millennials (people born between 1981 and 1996) are known to be the primary collectors of NFTs. The number of exclusif buyers in the blockchain is a metric used to assess the health of a given project.

Ronin saumon to an all-time high of 520,789 exclusif buyers in November 2021. This corresponds to 3 million deals, resulting in a sales modèle of nearly $755 million.

When exclusif buyers fell 39% to 314,642 in January 2022, transactions fell to 1 million and sales fell to $126 million.

This means that exclusif buyers and parfait transactions in August 2022 were 94% and 95% below the numbers from the same period last year. The average value of sales also decreased 97% year-over-year, from $457.66 in August 2021 to $11.94 in August 2022.

In the past échec months, the average avili value has failed to cyclo-cross the $20 mark.

Is Ronin in misère of losing its terrain as the rattaché highest blockchain chain by NFT sales?

Ronin tracks only Ethereum at the top of the NFT sales modèle rankings at over $4 billion.

Solana, who is in third position, needs more than $1.5 billion to overturn Ronin while Flow, who is behind the hugely successful NBA Top Shot and the recently launched NFL ALL DAY, needs to fetch more than $3 billion to become the gant competitor to Ethereum. .

Polygon will need to generate over $3.5 billion to establish itself as the rattaché largest blockchain in terms of binaire holdings sales.

RON continues to trade under $1

After reaching its peak price of $4.32 on January 27, 2022, RON has given up more than 90% of its all-time high in eight months.

During August, RON recorded less than $2 million in daily trading modèle.

The légal asset of the Ronin ecosystem traded between $0.31 and $0.46 in August, after opening and closing at $0.43 and $0.34, respectively.

During this period, RON decreased by 21% in market value, CoinMarketCap data showed.


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