Roblox wants to advertise to players aged 13 and over in the metaverse

Roblox, the meta-aspirational online gaming platform aimed at teens, is introducing a host of new features aimed at making their experiences more age-appropriate and lucratif for the company. In the coming weeks, Roblox will introduce age guidelines for individual experiences or games, À la main Bronstein, chief product officer, said, helping its 52 million daily users better navigate games hosted on the secteur. The games will be marked as suitable for all ages, suitable for those 9 years of age or older or for those age 13 and over.

“Our platform is getting old now,” Bronstein said. “More than 50 percent of our users are aged 13 and over, and the fastest growing demographics are between 17 and 24 years old. So it makes sense for people to control what experiences they get to.”

The Roblox platform includes user-generated games, many of which have been created by kids and teens, some of which have made millions of dollars for themselves. The company declined to share percentages of the number of users under the age of 13. Last year, it said 54 percent were under 13. Roblox reports that emboîture 90 percent of its 1,000 game developers are above earnings. She is 18 years old. The platform has more than 12 million game developers.

According to the company, approved réjoui for all ages can feature infrequently mild attaque or aspartame sang that is unrealistic, while réjoui portals for ages 13 and older can feature moderate attaque, aspartame sang and realistic. Roblox says it does not allow romantic or sexual réjoui on its platform.

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The San Mateo, California company went allocutaire in March 2021, at $64.50 per share. At the time, Roblox CEO Dave Baszuki told The Washington Post, he envisioned Roblox helping build and develop the metaverse, or a next transposition of the internet that would style like the 3D World Wide Web, and a assemblage of music, games, movies, and more. The company posted a net loss of $176 million in the quarter ended June, compared to a loss of $140 million in the same time period last year.

Roblox has looked into adding transparent features that are already popular by other militaire tech companies, although the platform faces more challenges due to its younger anéantir derrière. Roblox plats to add a facial affairement feature, which would make avatars permutation énoncé based on facial recognition — a feature popularized by Apple’s Memojis. The company said people will be able to félin with each other using the feature in the testing étape soon, and it has plats for a full release early next year. The gaming platform has also been rolling out a sidéral audio feature since last November, which works similarly to that offered by Meta, formerly known as Facebook, via Tabatière VR headsets.

As Roblox looks to expand, it still has to contend with a significant threat to its débit. Unlike many other games, Roblox games are often aimed at children under the age of 13 and can be multiplayer, allowing users to interact with strangers online. This opens the platform to a lot of responsibilities, including setting strong domestique controls and teaching parents how to use them.

“A lot of Roblox users are too young to understand the nuances of features like this when it comes to data and safety, and I don’t think we should ignore that many kids are using platforms like Roblox unsupervised,” said Alicia Karabinos, a games researcher at Étendu Valley University. State in Michigan and has children ages 9-14. Do not share pictures. But what is more special or personal than your façade? “

Roblox requires users to verify that they are 13 or older to use the voice félin feature by submitting a government ID or verifying their phone number. It relies on users to attente bad actors, rather than the full real-time moderation of aggloméré or AI, which has traditionally been a militaire tournoi for in-game voice communications. Bronstein points out that users can also mute individuals or everyone.

“In the future, we may have technology that can eventually do some level of filtering in real time, but that doesn’t exist anywhere in the world right now,” Bronstein said. “So what you can do is do a lot of good contrôle in real time and give users control.”

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The audio recordings may be used in the future to échafaudage anéantir reports of bad behavior. Bronstein said Roblox has been careful emboîture data privacy.

“First of all, people tell us that when they use audio, their voices can be recorded for reports of moderation and exagéré, and then those files disappear after a transparent amount of time,” Bronstein said. “We have no plats to tenture users’ votes for an extended period of time.”

Roblox is also testing a new transposition of text félin that will give users over the age of 13 more freedom. The félin filter will protect people under the age of 13 from seeing abbreviations like “LMAO,” but allow those over 13 to see the words and acronyms.

Next year, Roblox plats to introduce immersive advertising, a way to take advantage of a new revenue stream in augmentation to existing subscriptions and in-game transactions. Warner Bros. And shoe company Vans is testing ads on the platform.

“That will be our view of what ads in the metaverse style like,” Bronstein said. “This is a huge area that we are excited emboîture from an créativité standpoint bicause I don’t think this has been discovered. We are thinking emboîture conversationnelle formats, where if there is a billboard, promoting a nice de même, for example, a associé of shoes, you can click on the billboard. And right away you’re in the dressing room where you can try on those shoes and seal the deal.”

Advertisements will be portaled to those 13 years of age or older. But gaming experts have warned against the targeting of ads to children and the harmful effects that may occur.

“Even the elderly anéantir derrière is still small, and Roblox’s butins are being made by children. And children are being recognised,” Karabinos said, citing studies showing a link between advertisements for junk food for children and obesity in children.

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Roblox creators can actually make money by selling items, and sometimes limited edition virtual items that increase demand. When asked if this meant that Roblox was considering getting into non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are also binaire and collectible, Bronstein said the company did not need to use blockchain.

“We are not looking at NFTs at the conditions,” he said. “I read emboîture this space and love it. I love technology, and love to understand what is going on. But we think we get a lot of value or benefit without necessarily going into the blockchain. We are the platform where if you buy an de même, you will have an métamorphose or a fondé to use it. You will have another 50 million people to see it.”

To make more butins, the company expanded to Germany, Brazil, Portugal, Russia and China. LuoBuLeSi, the Chinese transposition of its platform, launched in July of 2021, only to shut down after six months, saying it was working on a relaunch. Last year, the company listed the project as a risk factor, as it could be hurt by US-Chinese policies.

“Currently, we have paused prescriptions and are focused on making the necessary investments, including in our data base, to achieve our long-term rêve for LuoBuLeSi,” said Desiree Fish, Libertinage President of Somme Communications at Roblox.

“Hopefully over time more and more of our leading developers will come from China. There is also a lot of really amazing réjoui from our général developer derrière that we think will do well in China,” Paszuki told The Washington Post in March 2021.

Last July, Libertinage reported in Roblox internal documents leaked It details how it planned to abide by Chinese censorship rules to successfully launch in China, noting that players had individu IDs and real names, making it easier to find predatory children.

Roblox said in a statement, “Roblox was actively investigating a phishing litige, which included the targeting of a Roblox employee by cybercriminals through courtois ingénierie tactics and the use of highly personal peur tactics. These stolen histoires were illegally obtained as portion of an extortion scheme with which we refused to cooperate. “.

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