Professional Opérateur: Bitcoin Could Still Hit $12,000

In crypto infos today, the market remains bearish as widespread losses across risk assets continue to dictate attachement in a week where ancêtre monetary policy exercices could provide fresh impetus to the bears. As for Bitcoin (BTC), this forecast is likely to see a dip in its value after yesterday’s bearish retest of the squelette near $18,250.

So, despite today’s attempt to écart above $19,500, the écrasement across stocks could provide new ground for Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency.

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Gareth Solway, Founder and CFO at The Investment Platform, He says the benchmark cryptocurrency risks crashing to $12,000 if that happens.

Pro Explains Contingent Bitcoin Dump

in an interview With Stansberry Research broadcasting early Tuesday, Soloway said that Bitcoin’s weakness – as well as stocks – is due to the strength that the US dollar has shown for most of the year. Highlighting the chart movements of the dollar, S&P 5OO, and Bitcoin, the market strategist said that each increase in dollar strength led to a drop in risky assets.

“When you see the dollar continue to stay at its highest levels in more than 20 years, and continue to rise, it kills all the risky assets. You can actually watch on a daily basis, how each rise in the dollar, you will see the opposé happen in the Bitcoin chart or S&P fret charts, too.”

according to Chief, the key here is.”Watch“On interest rates. The market is currently characterized by a lot of,” he says.give and takeAmong investors keen to collect gains even as they consider what the US Federal Reserve is likely to do at its conférence this week.

On where Bitcoin trades next amid all the jitters, Soloway says the key to the bulls is to hold the $19,500 pilier level.”On a daily closing basis. “This level is returning to a 2017 période high and with BTC club around this territory for so colossal this year, it has become a critical buffer coin.

As we noted yesterday, Bitcoin dropped to $18,255 on Coinbase before recovering moderately in the late afternoon. Soloway says recovering and ordre $19,500 could help bitcoin rebound higher if the dollar begins to slide and Wednesday’s Fed commentary revealed a pilier – not quantitative easing, but indications of a lower price hike or hold for the next conférence. It can stimulate the market and help the bulls.

However, the opposé could lead to new gloom, and the downside for BTC portends a collapse of last June’s lows towards what was previously called extremum lingot area.

In his appréciation, the analyst sees a fresh move down to the $12,000-$13,000 levels if the markets turn red. It also suggests a similar trajectory for stocks, which could mark March 2020 highs by the end of the year or early 2023.

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