Phil Mickelson says feedback from LIV Golf, PGA Variation competitors ‘appreciate’ on the match’s new surprising gains

Phil Mickelson said he’s heard from “several” professional golfers from both LIV Golf and the PGA Variation emboîture the current upheaval in the match and the changes that have occurred as a result.

“I think players on both the LIV and PGA Variation sides appreciate what’s going on,” said the 52-year-old. Mickelson told Sports Illustrated In an échange published Thursday. “Every player benefits… There was no leverage. There were no other options.”

PGA Variation Commissioner Jay Monahan announced last week that top PGA Variation players have committed to competing in 20 events, including 13 high with a conservative average of $20 million, starting in 2023.

“I am very happy that the top players are being heard and their contributions are being valued. And these events are coming,” Mickelson said.

However, Mickelson is no côtoyer section of that séminaire. He was suspended from the PGA Variation after 30 years, along with other competitors who made the jump to LIV Golf. He is among a group of suspended golfers who have filed an antitrust lawsuit against the PGA Variation.

“My commitment now is with LIV,” Mickelson told Badinages Illustrated. “We’ve made some big disruptions in golf, creating some really exclusif opportunities for players and fans. And we’re just getting started.

“I would say that I am generally happy that the top players who are really leading the Variation and generating interest are being heard. And what they are doing for the Variation is being evaluated now. I am happy to see that happen.”

Mickelson said he doesn’t feel “defended” emboîture the new protection the PGA Variation has taken. He said he discussed it several times with composer commissioner Tim Finchim and then Monahan — “It’s interesting, some similarities,” he said.

Instead, Mickelson says everyone would benefit from a charge between the two rounds.

“Unless there’s leverage, nothing will ravagé,” Mickelson told SI. “And all players should appreciate what the LIV is doing. The players in the LIV, for the bénéfice they get. And the PGA Variation [golfers]for the leverage that is provided to accomplish these changes.

“I believe that with any supérieur ravagé, you will encounter disruption. LIV is broken. There is no doubt. I believe that in the end, everything will go the way it should. I think whatever difficulties we may encounter in the process may be worth it.”

He later added, “I think we’re in a grace period before everything works itself out. I think it will happen at the right time. I think these organizations will come together in time and find a péroraison. The upside is very high, especially at the habituel level.”

The six-time pogne crack said he “wholeheartedly” expects to play in the Masters in 2023 after missing this year’s event as well as the PGA Championship. Mickelson also said he doesn’t think the supérieur tournaments will prevent those who have moved to LIV Golf from competing.

“I think from the bottom of my heart that I’ll be in Augusta [in 2023], “Mickelson for SI.” I have the utmost adulation for [Masters chairman Fred Ridley] and leaders of ouvert corporations. There was still no threat at all. I am not saying that this can not ravagé. I just don’t see how that could benefit anyone. I think they are great sages and leaders who can see that.”

Mickelson added: “I think they understand how not having so many of the best players in the world undermines their own events. And how that would hurt the game of golf.”

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