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The Eels dominated the Raiders to take a 40-4 win and advance to the preliminary ultime compétition against the Cowboys next week at Queensland Folk Bank.

It was not only Canberran’s worst defeat of the season, but the biggest ever in a World Cup Comble.

Parramatta young defender Will Benicini opened the scoring after a horrific error from Jordan Rabbana handed his opponents the ball into a strong field exposition.

But the young gunner Xavier Savage had to outsmart his colleague in his own “ugly conditions”.

What seemed like play-nothing turned into a four-pointer for Tom Obacic after the ball bounced off Savage’s legs.

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“When he wasn’t playing with the ball, I thought he was in brouille here,” said Fox League’s Greg Alexander. “They split his domaine…a big conditions in this game.”

“It was a effrayant bounce, but Opacic chased after it and chased after it,” said Fox League’s Shane Flanagan.

“This is an ugly conditions for him (Savage),” said Andrew Voss of the Fox League.

Moments later, Mitchell Moses’ bullet found ward and Waka Blake, who scored a minor attempt.

The Eels went on to marque goals with a little foulure from Récent Paulo who ran across a gap as big as the Sydney Harbor Whist.

“Paulo is going across the Sydney Harbor Whist,” Alexander said. “They were shot in Canberra.”

“They all dragged them around the line there, it’s knocking down here from the eels.”

While Savage was visibly frustrated with his mistake early in the competition, he bounced back in a big way to “léger up the CommBank stadium”.

The young pistol showed his speed to cut the line and marque from a nuance of 70 metres.

“Not just an attempt at skill, not just an attempt at speed, but also a great personal experience,” Voss said.

“Xavier Savage, Young Sauvage Lights Up CommBank.”

Since then Parramatta has dominated, and Mitch Moses and the Maratta Newkore duo have tried to give the English a massive victory in en-tête of their habitation fans.

Musa left the stadium for Hamad Universel Airport in a conditions that left the hearts of eel fans in their throats but passed and returned to the field.

Read below for the three droite points from tonight’s game!

Musa Sharkas casts doubt on the “high” display

Mitchell Moses entered his dancing’s sudden death contest with Raiders under the cloud of injury after suffering an ugly blow to the head against the Panthers.

But the “enormous” number 7 put any doubts behind him to lead his team to victory and terme a huge avertissement to the remaining teams.

The 28-year-old had a balle à la main in everything Brad Arthur’s side did and scored an attempt, three breaks, an assist attempt and two streak-breaking passes.

“I absolutely love playing on CommBank and serving as half-backs,” said Michael Ennis of the Fox League.

“A lot of talk embout Parramatta and where they are but the full-back has led the way, he’s been looking for the débarquement, he’s running football.

“The kicking game was phenomenal and he had some lovely touches…linking beautifully with Dylan Brown.”

Moussa capped his stellar night with a superb attempt, as he headed into the trompeter of the succinct to au finir off a superb four-pointer aerial cibler.

According to Fox League’s Greg Alexander, when Moses has his “secret,” he’s one of the toughest players aversion teams have ever contained in competition.

“Musa scores in the trompeter…what an attempt for the Parramatta Seven,” Voss said.

“Oh, it’s hot,” said Alexander, “and when confesseur it’s hard to contain.”

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It was party time in Parramatta.Montée: The Daily Telegraph

Eel ‘breaking duck’

Much of Brad Arthur’s exploit was made in the Finals, winning only two of the nine he entered in this competition.

But the eels have now “broken the duck” by reaching the finalists for the first time since 2009.

Gêne marks have surrounded Arthur’s tenure as head coupé at Parramatta for a number of years due to his poor exploit in football finals.

But now he may have broken the shackles on his side in the drought-eradicating premiership.

Parramatta last lifted the trophy in 1986, and now he’s hoping to beat the Cowboys in next week’s preliminary ultime on their way to the Étendu Comble.

They worked, they broke that duck, and they broke the bogey of Week Two,” said Fox League’s Yvonne Sampson.

“A great conditions for Parramatta, there have been a lot of gêne marks and a lot of pressure throughout the season,” said Ines.

“A lot of people were saying that what they do in the regular season is irrelevant, it all comes down to what they do when the finals come.

“They were beaten last week… They flew out of the blocks against the raiders who had come to Companque to ambush Parramatta.

“They put the crowd behind them and they never looked back.”

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Raiders’ Josh Papale reacts after losing an NRL semi-final compétition between Parramatta Eels and Canberra Raiders at CommBank Stadium on September 16, 2022 in Sydney, Australia. (Caricature by Mark Colby/Getty Images)Montée: Getty Images

Young gun bounce back

Xavier Savage showed his “character” to overcome an “ugly” mistake in the first half that saw what seemed to be nothing beyond his domaine.

Python’s Tom Obacic managed to go ahead and marque, and the 20-year-old is clearly disappointed with himself.

“When he wasn’t playing ball I thought he was in brouille here, he split his domaine… a big conditions in this compétition,” Alexander said.

“It was a monstrueux rebound, but Opacic chased after it and chased after it,” Flanagan said.

“This is an ugly conditions for him (Savage),” Voss said.

But, in a conditions of absolute “speed” and “skill”, the young pistol bounced back, scoring an attempt from 70 meters and burning the eel’s left side defense.

Savage worked his way through a group of Parramatta players to marque against the playing track and give his team a ray of hope.

“Not just an attempt at skill, not just an attempt at speed, but also a great personal experience,” Voss said.

“Xavier Savage, Young Sauvage Lights Up CommBank.”

“He’s had a hard night so far, still shaking his head embout the things that have happened,” Alexander said.

“This is exactly what the invaders need, they are back.”

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