Fiat Panda renewed in Turkey with hybrid engine option

ISTANBUL (AA) – The Fiat Panda has gone on sale in Turkey with updated equipment and a hybrid engine option. According to Tofaş’s statement, the Panda, which has transformed into a more technological, more ecological and economical car, reflects its agile and colorful character in the city, while presenting high off-road capabilities in off-road conditions, … Read more

New standards have been made for horse tours in Cappadocia, where not everyone will be able to race a “horse” in Cappadocia

In the Cappadocia region, unlicensed horse farms will be closed and horses will be registered with the standards brought to horse riding tours, which attract great attention from domestic and foreign tourists.After the hot air balloon and mountain bike sports and sightseeing tours in the “land of beautiful horses in Cappadocia”, the procedures and principles … Read more

Are there any diseases that can be transmitted from humans to animals?

Stating that humans, animals and diseases are more closely linked than ever, veterinarian specialist in obstetrics and gynecology, Dr. Murat Akbaş gave the following information on diseases transmitted from humans to animals: FINDING TUBERCULOSIS IN CATS, DOGS, ELEPHANSVACCINETIRE “Cases of bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi jumping from humans to animals have been found on every … Read more