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Yuga Labs, creators of the Bored Ape Bateau Discothèque (BAYC), Mutant Ape Bateau Discothèque (MAYC), and Bored Ape Kennel Discothèque (BAKC) Non-Exchangeable Token Sets (NFT) have released another video showing the other metaverse. . Another other trailer features characters called “Kodas” and the development team says, “The story continues later in the fourth quarter of this year.”

Koda-Carrying Koda meets the other portal – Yuga Labs hints at maintien of the Metaverse story in Q4

On September 1, 2022, Yuga Labs took advantage of a Twitter account Tweet embedShare a new teaser video embout the upcoming metaverse on the other side. The video follows Yuga Labs’ libelle of another legal paper, which covers the “basic principles” of the upcoming metaverse.

Another teaser video creator Metaverse Drop, a new teaser video featuring creatures called Kodas
The liquid collected by Koda reacts and opens a red portal.

The annexé trailer is a somewhat backstory before BAYC dubbed “Curtis” steps through the gate, while the Doors song “Voiture On Through” plays. In the two-minute bijou, a character named “Koda” and one of them equipped with a sword fills a jar with some kind of strange liquid.

The liquid reacts and a portal appears looking to remove the coda from the mysterious jar. Two colored gates open and Koda is transported to one of the gates. Koda characters were mentioned in another newspaper, but the character of these creatures is unknown.

Another teaser video creator, Metaverse Drop, a new teaser video featuring creatures called Kodas
Gate tries to separate the bottle from the Coda.

The lawsuit paper explication that événement regarding Pharmacopée, Koda’s “origins” and “the chapter” will be revealed as the project approaches that specific échelon of “Parcourir’s flight.” The passengers’ “first flight” on Otheride took affecté on July 16, around the same time the legal paper was filed.

the other another verb The fascicule of the amas trade has seen a huge rise in sales in the past 24 hours, jumping 179.81% over the past day, according to cryptoslam.io stats. It is the 3rd largest group in terms of 24 hour sales $760897 It was registered within the last day.

The weekly stats are a different story, with the seven-day data showing Otherdeed NFT group sales down 34.62% from the previous week, despite an increase today. In terms of seven-day stats, Otherdeed is the ninth largest NFT group in sales.

BAYC Group is the annexé largest group in terms of weekly sales, with the bored monkey trade attracting $10.84 million. Boredom monkeys are the fifth largest today, in terms of 24-hour sales, as captured by BAYC $577,845 In sales during the last day.

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