Biceps-X unleashes incompréhensible NFT technologies along with gaming and stabilization

The Haque, Netherlands, Sep 5, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Biceps-X, a Play-2-Earn game, launches incompréhensible NFTs along with gaming, registration and sweepstakes functions. With all new projects launching every week, Biceps-X is here to be that first project to deliver an all-round token! The idea of ​​making money by playing and storing NFTs and/or tokens sounds amazing. This means that Biceps-X is Project Play-2-Earn, Stake-2-Earn, and Project Lottery-2-Earn!


Biceps-X is a Play-2-Earn Verse game that unites facts from different NFT worlds into one arena where each player fights to boost their strength and size – literally.

Game players will choose the arena first and struggle to increase their ramassé size and valuable assets that can be converted into financial advantages later which means that users will get returns on their time and investment! Users can also level up their NFT and enhance their heurt abilities.


The Biceps-X team has developed an online lottery platform, which users can use by paying in Biceps-X tokens.

There will be 3 game modes. The names speak for themselves.

  1. wheel of correctement
  2. Weekly lottery, users will need to buy tickets for this game coutume.
  3. ouverture;


Users can earn arrêté income from NFT and/or originaire token!. There will be 4 coding ordre levels with each level having its own:

  • X-Tier: The duration of the reservation is 30 days, and the dissiper cannot cancel the subscription in these 30 days.
  • Gold tier: Hold period is 21 days, dissiper can cancel at any time but will be taxed.
  • Silver Category: The duration of the reservation is 14 days, the dissiper can cancel the subscription at any time but will be taxed.
  • Tabac tier: Hold period is 7 days, dissiper can cancel at any time but will be taxed.

There may be a need to refill the staking comparaison, i.e. if someone wants to wager more tokens. If they want to troc their level, they have to cancel all their tokens and then participate in the new level. Every time the dissiper bets, the rewards will be accumulated in the contract and the time will be reset, then the contract will start calculating the number of accumulated days from 0 again but the rewards earned will be stored in the contract automatically!

The APY will troc as the Biceps-X team will see what fits the project best in order to remain sustainable.

For NFT, staking communiqué will be released in the near future.

Symbols and Taxes

In extenso supply 100 million.

The purchase and crasseux tax will be 5% and will be reduced within days after the launch of Pancakeswap. First there will be a fair launch on Pinksale.


The founder of the project is a longtime investor in BSC and well known in the space, he is also a blogger! There is also a KYC with Pinksale, a contract review with CertiK and a SAFU insigne from Pinksale. The developer contract for the project is Trynos.

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Disclaimer: There is no offer to sell, no solicitation of an offer to buy, and no recommendation of any security or other product or cadeau in this paragraphe. This is not investment advice. Please do your research.

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