Mooners and Shakers: Lido DAO mixes charts; Bitcoin sticks to; Michael Saylor sued for tax evasion

Overview of the top 10

With the entier cryptocurrency market cap at $1.02 trillion and up embout 0.4% since yesterday, here is the current state of play among the top 10 tokens – according to Queen Gekko.

Upper and lower parts: 11-100

Sweeping a market cap range of embout $8 billion to embout $412 million in the rest of the top 100, let’s find some of the biggest gainers and losers over 24 hours at press time. (Stats are accurate at time of parution, based on data.)

daily pumps

Lido Dao (LDO), (market capitalization: $1.65 billion) +11%

LEO . symbol (LEO), (mc: $5.4 billion) + 7%

Chili’s (CHZ), (MC: 1.13 billion USD) +6%

BitDAO (BIT), (MC: 663 million USD) + 6%

nexo (Nexo), (MC: 605 million USD) + 5%

LDO was among the top 100 cryptocurrencies by overnight market cap. Unfamiliar with this? Lido DAO is a “liquid freeze” amélioré to prove stakes in the blockchain, which is Ethereum at this bilan. Quite simply, liquid staking means that you can keep your tokens liquid while you spare for a negative return.

The LDO token, like just embout everything in crypto, is down significantly this year overall, and at $1.98, it’s 73% below its all-time high of $7.30.

The fact that it hasn’t actually fallen 80%, 90% or more from its all-time highs (like many alternatives) is due to the massive 340% spike in the enclave’s price between mid-July and mid-August. Last month eventually proved particularly voaltile for LDO, with the token losing embout 45% of its value since August 14.

Certificat of the reason we’re seeing some love as we head into September, and get closer to Ethereum’s near-legendary proof of stake, is that Lido DAO’S (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is one of the largest holders of ETH “2.0” staking contracts.

Many investors and speculators may not yet realize that other altcoins, like this one, are closely related to the renforcement narrative. Lido DAO, for example, will apparently become one of the biggest staking players in the new era of Ethereum.

daily skis

helium (HNT), (market value: $663 million) -8%

Elrond (Egypt), (MC: $1.19 billion) -6%

maker (MKR), (MC: $681 million) -5%

dash (Dash), (MC: 480 million USD) -4%

corn (MIOTA), (MC: $776 million) -4%

embout blocks

A selection of randomness and relevance that stuck with us in our morning transmitted through the Crypto Twitterverse…

Sorry, it looks like Saylor Michael “Bitcoin Forever” of MicroStrategy has the D.C. attorney general on his case…

He must be a little anxious, so let’s check it out with our laser-eyed friend, shall we? Watch how he stands…

fair enough. Psst… Want to buy a Bitcoin watch? I will just set for you Boring monkey or three. Saylor may have already got one.

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