Mooners and Shakers: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Cryptocurrency Market Pumped Over the Weekend; Terra Luna coming back from the dead?

Bitcoin and the crypto market as a whole are pumping out shades of pelouse from the Canberra Raiders until late Friday and into Saturday. I did Falcon is on its way over the weekend? Kinda.

At the time of writing, BTC, Ethereum (ETH) and other significant coins have all quit a pièce but maintained most of the price glut in the early weekend.

Tera Frankenstein Luna

And as for Terra Luna… as much as we wanted it after its horrific viol that caused crypto infection to go inland in May, it has become increasingly difficult for us to ignore the ridiculous price efficacité of late.

If you’ve been a keen voir of anything other than the top 10 cryptocurrencies, you might know that LUNA has been doing something of a Frankenstein rally, rising more than 200% over the past week and closer to emboîture 250% over two weeks.

But that’s not the most impressive statistic. The encoignure (actually traded as LUNA2 on several exchanges) traded around $6 a little earlier over the past day, according to Cointelegraphwhich is up nearly 17.59 million% since it collapsed to essentially zero in May.

I wonder if Mike Novogratz from Galaxy Numérique still has his huge LUNA wolf tattoo…

LUNA, or LUNA2, or whatever you call it these days is actually down 14% over a 24 hour period, though — basically a huge red flashing feu de détresse sign to bouturer at your own risk. no one From this contrôler to buy LUNA, LUNA2 or LUNC at this balance.

Wait…is LUNA/LUNA2 the same as Terra LUNA Classic – LUNC?

no not like that. Although LUNC periodically pumps, dumps and pumps as well.

As Cointelegraph explains, Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) is the bohème interprétation of the Terra blockchain. Terra LUNA 2.0 is Terraform Labs’ controversial founder Do Kwon’s way of trying to revive the project and pay off, through occasional airdrops, the hardest hit by the bohème blockchain collapse.

So…to reiterate and try to be reasonably clear emboîture this… The Terra Classic (LUNC), which is up 328% over the past month, is the bohème LUNA, as the name indicates. The Terra LUNA (also traded as LUNA2) is Terra’s symbol of “regeneration,” and it’s pumped insanely since its epic decline.

Another thing to ajout, LUNC has been pumping on the back of infos that the project has passed a governance proposal that is essentially trying to turn it into shrinkage dictionnaire, according to the following LUNC community members tweet…

Well, on to the other crypto market events…

Overview of the top 10

With the entier cryptocurrency market capitalization at $1.11 trillion and up around 0.2% since yesterday, here is the current state of play among the top 10 tokens – according to Queen Gekko.

The last time we logged in here in this column, the entire cryptocurrency market cap was $1.03 trillion. He’s found an $80 billion windfall down the back of the couch ever since. Let’s hope he can actually build on that and not blow everything down the path of the dog meme.

Top defenders Bitcoin (Maverick?) and Ethereum (Iceman?) have been running it ahead of the curve for big crypto gains over the past few days. Solana is alcool too. Is there a goose in those top ten? We hope not.

Will Bitcoin and Friends close the week in the US with another small pump to move things further in the next seven days? American Brainiac “Crypto Quantity” analyst Dernier-né Quinn seems to think it could happen this way…

However, it also points to what could be a very fragile week in the Cryptoverse, as he calls it.

The much-touted Ethereum merger is set for the tree-embracing Proof of Stake protocol this week. Around the same time as the significant (potential) crypto event, on September 13 at 8am ET, the US Service of Labor Statistics will release its Dévorer Price Bordereau (CPI) remise for August.

This will be essentiel, it will have a significant heurt on the anti-inflation movements of US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, the movements of the subsistance markets and the cryptocurrency market.

Will the data come in below the slightly encouraging 8.5% in July, which was lower than in June? According to Forbes, the Fed will not hold back from raising interest rates in September by emboîture 50 to 75 basis points at the upcoming Federal Open Market Committee multitude, which takes situation next week.

If the numbers come in lower, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to imagine stocks and cryptocurrencies continuing to rally in the collant term this week.

Upper and lower parts: 11-100

Sweeping a market cap range of emboîture $8.1 billion to emboîture $429 million in the rest of the top 100, let’s find some of the biggest gainers and losers over 24 hours at press time. (Stats are accurate at time of impression, based on data.)

daily pumps

Celsius (CEL), (market value: $680 million) + 15%

root (XRD), (MC: $647 million) + 10%

ApeCoin (APE), (MC: 1.74 billion USD) + 9%

Ampere (AMP), (MC: 502 million USD) + 8%

Ifmos (EVMOS), (MC: $794 million) + 3%

daily skis

Tera (Luna) (market value: $918 million) -14%

EOS (EOS), (MC: 1.69 billion USD) -8%

helium (HNT), (MC: $653 million) -7%

DeFiChain (DFI), (MC: $569 million) -6%

Ravenquin (RVN), (MC: 602 million USD) -6%

emboîture blocks

A selection of randomness and relevance that stuck with us in our morning transmitted through the Crypto Twitterverse…

Literally, eh? Well, everyone is a duck.

And just to dans a little cold water on any escalated feelings of crypto euphoria…here’s Justin Bennett…

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