Moonbirds, Doodles, NFT token – Which is better?

In the cryptocurrency world, there is a clear shift in investor preference towards investment opportunities backed by real assets. In this context, let’s take a genre at the terrain of NFT projects such as Moonbirds and Doodles (CRNO), an exciting new NFT-based courage that is all sold out in pre-sale.

What are moon birds?

Created by Proof Commune, Moonbirds is a recueil of 10,000 owl-themed NFTs. The project was launched on April 16, 2022. The rapid rise of this project was unexpected parce que soon after its launch it managed to get a price of up to 30 ETH. However, there has been some répression in the lower price of these NFTs lately. At the time of writing, Moonbirds NFTs alcali price is 13.49 ETH, according to CoinMarketCap data.

Moonbirds sales have plummeted since the project came under controversy over intellectual property rights. The founder of the project, Kevin Pierre, revoked the vendeur rights to the Moonbirds buyers. Buyers described the move as a breach of consortium as anyone can now reuse any of the Moonbirds’ images. In the évaporable world of numérique assets, Moonbirds may have to do more to restore éclaircissement and recover the lost underlying price.

What happened to the doodles?

Doodles is another popular NFT project that operates on the law of supply and demand followed by other image-based NFT projects such as CryptoPunks and Moonbirds. It’s also a set of 10,000 NFTs featuring colorful characters such as representing humans, cats, piccalilli, monkeys, aliens, and more.

The project initially promised to supply a limited number of image collections. However, the demand for doodles has waned with the emergence of many similar projects. There is also now a prorogation that the Doodles Twitter account did not post a single tweet in August, causing concern in the community.

According to CoinGecko, the current maximum price for the doodle is 7.98 ETH and the market capitalization is 79,800 ETH. 10,000 Doodles NFTs are owned by 5,313 spécial owners.

What makes attractive

In the world of NFTs, is a different project. The (CRNO) offers the NFT abusif marketplace for parsemé and luxury watch collectibles. NFTs offered by Chronoly.ioCRNO (CRNO) is among the rarest numérique assets it crémaillères Physical assets in the real world. All NFT you provide powered by a true luxury watch installed in Cellar.

By purchasing the NFTs you offer, users get a bout of a délogé matériel assets For less than $10. Chronoly.ioThe CRNO récompense of other popular NFT projects has garnered a lot of interest from investors in a very flottant period of time. CRNO, utility thesaurus Watch Market, sold out in pre-sale. CRNO’s price jumped too 690% From 0.01 dollar to me $0.079.

Which is better?

Moonbirds and Doodles have been among the few NFT groups that have caused premier ripples in the numérique asset space this year. However, it is expected to remain évaporable in terms of prices, and may fall further in the near future, as users become smarter embout the long-term prospects of numérique assets that have no real-life viability or are not backed by real-world assets. commodité away Popular NFT projects such as Moonbirds and Doodles due to a huge market for parsemé and luxury watches are expected to grow even more. According to McKinsey, the luxury watch market share in the universel watch market is expected to grow to 64% by 2025. The universel watch market is also expected to become valuable $52-59 billion by 2025.’s(CRNO) expected to be released on a axial exchange Soon, which could lead to more price estimate for the project.





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