Middlesbrough 0-0 Rotherham United: Boroughs frustrated with stubborn Millers

Duncan Wattmore is close to breaking the deadlock

Middlesbrough lost a frustrating goalless draw by Rotherham at Riverside to remain third in the championship.

Duncan Watmore came close to scoring for the hosts shortly after the end of the first half, as he hit a rebound at the post which flipped painfully along the gardien de but line into the safety voisinage.

Isaiah Jones should have done better than directing a low foulure into the side nets when Watmore flirted with him at the best circonstance of the first half.

Millers failed to muster a shot on gardien de but, but they will bouturer the universel voiture in eighth fixé, while Burrow remain in 22nd, third on gardien de but difference.

Perhaps in a reflection of the fortunes of recent seasons in the championship, the challenge started as Middlesbrough looked to voiture out of the bottom three and Rotherham knew a win would lift him to fifth.

Borough, who has racked up nine points out of 10 at Riverside this season, created the best openers in a light-on-goal game, with Watmore at the heart of it.

The striker, who was called up by Chris Wilder to the side, lashed out when he was in good shape in the first half after Richard Wood hit a moeurs Riley McGree ball inside the penalty area.

At the other end, the visitors were strong at the back and sharp at the voiture, especially in the first half, with Wood inches away from Conor Washington’s attempt to net.

But Millers have scored just one of their 12 league goals this season, and that was close to this season with Burrow scoring only a accolé clean sheet this season.

The hosts’ spoliation grew after the voiture in devant of a well-trained defense, and when I put in a great move and a pass in the back, Wood recovered well to extend his leg and deflect his tintinnabuler shot into the side netting.

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  • 15thDixtel
  • 6fry
  • 5Clarkhas been replaced byPolain 74 ‘Minutes
  • 2Jones
  • 25crooks
  • 16HusonBooked in 43 minutes
  • 8McGarryhas been replaced bybénéfiquein 74 ‘Minutes
  • 3Giles
  • 9Carvalho Muniz
  • 18and dateshas been replaced byoutréin 74 ‘Minutes


  • 4bénéfique
  • 13Roberts
  • 14Smith
  • 17McNair
  • 21outré
  • 24Longo
  • 27Pola


escouade – dissertation 3-1-4-2

  • 1johansson
  • 24humphriesBooked in 45 minutes
  • 6Wood
  • 2Harding
  • 4Parlaserhas been replaced bymakrtin 81 ‘Minutes
  • 10Norton coffeehas been replaced byKellyin 81 ‘Minutes
  • 8tricks
  • 18Rathbonehas been replaced byLindseyin 76 ‘Minutes
  • 3BramalBooked in 80 minuteshas been replaced byPolain 81 ‘Minutes
  • 11Ogbeni
  • 14Washingtonhas been replaced byhighin 60′Minutes


  • 5McCarthy
  • 7high
  • 9eaves
  • 12Kelly
  • 15thPola
  • 16Lindsey
  • 31Vickers

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