Metaverse, Big Data to shape the future of commerce in the UAE

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Parution siècle: Saturday 3 September 2022, 10:24 pm

Last update: Saturday 3 September 2022, 10:25 PM

Companies in the UAE will have to make some fundamental changes to their mercatique, sales and commerce strategy due to the massive disruption caused by Big Data and Big Data.

Affaires such as tourism, advertising, entertainment, leisure, retail and education will completely crédit as consumers are affected by the latest mercatique campaigns that attract them in the real and virtual world and débauche versa.

Marketers will rely on big data to infer ronger trends and today’s most in-demand is the metaverse as Web3.0 deepens its reach among audiences. Big data is the future of official statistics and the core of decision making, and there is no substitute for it parce que big data and artificial camaraderie provide the latest, most accurate, reliable and timely journal available, according to an entraîné in the field. .

Ali Shabdar, Regional Director, Middle East and Africa, Zoho, UAE, said: “The metaverse will create a whole new world of opportunity to help companies expand into a modèle closer to life in the virtual world. More than ever, human interactions will evolve, including It trades, and thus generates a wealth of data ready to be utilized by businesses to help them improve their operations and further customize experiences for their médiamat.

Embraser attitudes and behavior in the real world will be guided by the virtual experiences that the company can provide.

As online users immerse themselves in the metaverse, more data can be given and fed into virtual systems. In fact, the market size is estimated to reach $800 billion by 2024. This will certainly contribute to the massive amount of data, and more than 150 zettabytes (1 zettabyte = 1 billion terabytes) will need to be analyzed by 2025, Shepdar added.

The emergence of the metaverse will increase the demand for managing and analyzing big data in a rapid manner, requiring the pige of more resources by companies wishing to harness its potential.

Companies will have to quickly prepare to be ready for the flood of opportunities and challenges posed by metaverse’s rapid growth. AR/VR technology, as the gateway to this virtual world, will need further development, which in turn will require more resources (skill, soft, hardware) to allocate to it.

Singapore-based Dessin Data, a big data and artificial camaraderie (AI) startup, is expanding its presence in the region as it caters to some of the principal brands in the UAE.

“The metaverse attempts to bring the rich 3D constitution of the physical experience into a quantitatif importance,” said Suresh Shankar, CEO, Co-Founder of Dessin Data. In some ways, it’s the next layer of experience, just as web and nomade have added a new layer. In other respects, it is a big leap forward from the world of Internet/Web 2.0.

The basic bâtisse block of the Metaverse is data. Today, we are overwhelmed with data being generated and collected by various ronger apps from quantitatif giants, banks, airlines, etc. In fact, due to the number of apps and devices we use, it becomes difficult to analyze and make sense of the data. For both consumers and businesses, Shankar reports.

The metaverse will generate significantly more data as it recreates the experience of the physical world. Since there are a lot of signals available. The réputation of artificial camaraderie and phaéton learning will grow exponentially in the metaverse. Parce que the human brain cannot manage this huge amount of data. Establishing relevance will become more difficult and even more valuable.

The UAE is already an experimental hub for the Metaverse in terms of bâtisse applications and tertiaire. Lots of companies are set up here and looking for new apps to be created. So, we will see a lot of originalité and experimentation here,” Shankar concluded.


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