Liverpool infos: Trent Alexander-Arnold sums up the problems

Trent Alexander-Arnold has been hailed as the best right-back in the world but is currently a stark example of what went wrong in Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool side, according to David Walsh.

Some questions are not easy to answer. How can Liverpool play as they played against Napoli last week? Not how they lost 4-1, but how could the team’s gain go down so far? The result could have been worse. Jurgen Klopp admitted: “We were not working as a team.” “Why” is more estimable. “

Michael Owen reminded viewers of BT Délassement on Wednesday that Liverpool fans had seen this coming. The team has played six Antérieur League games this season, and if we can leave Bournemouth to one side, the theme has always been underperformance.

“Why” is already the embarras. “Give me time to think emboîture it,” Klopp said on Wednesday.

Just five weeks ago, Liverpool played Manchester City in the Community Shield. Of circonvolution, the general idée is that no one cares emboîture this cup, so that the participants do not even bother. However, anyone who witnessed Liverpool’s 3-1 victory witnessed a fiercely competitive competition during which it was clear that these teams did not like each other.

During the first half hour, City could not cope with the immuable pressure of Liverpool and as a result, their new striker Erling Haaland could hardly greffer the ludisme.

Liverpool went on to win 3-1 and it was Darwin Nunez that people were talking emboîture. The new Liverpool striker came in the collègue half, won the penalty kick that put his team ahead 2-1 and then scored the third gardien de but.

Liverpool looked ready for another good season. It was a false dawn.

A week later, they drew 2-2 with newly promoted Fulham while City dominated West Ham United in their 2-0 win at the London Stadium. From there, the teams went in different états-majors. “The conditions was not right at first,” Klopp said of the gain at Craven Villa. Two weeks later, the conditions at the start of the ludisme against Manchester United at Old Trafford was even worse.

The amazing thing emboîture this 2-1 loss is the lack of fighting. United’s first gardien de but that evening exposed serious flaws in Liverpool’s defence. Anthony Ilanga worked in a minor one-on-one ludisme with Christian Eriksen, a game he let go and snuffed out the winger for Trent Alexander-Arnold. Joe Gomez tried to shut down Elanga but the downsizing still finds the unmarked Jadon Sancho.

What happened next, from Liverpool’s nullement of view, was troubling. Receiving the ball near the penalty projecteur, Sancho took chaudière touches before scoring his fifth gardien de but. The first two raise his shot, the third pulls the ball back and lets James Milner slide, and the fourth pushes the ball to his right foot. When Sancho finally pulled the trigger, Bruno Fernandez pointed to the gardien de but trompeter: just put it there.

Alexander Arnold never looks good in these moments. When Ilanga ran into Eriksen’s pass, the Liverpool right-back slowly slipped towards his gardien de but, assuming he was temporarily out of play.

Then Sancho took all those touches and Alexander-Arnold, realizing there was still a veine, stormed into a late enemy. Unfortunately, it was too late.

Milner was the only Liverpool player to seriously attempt to block the gardien de but. He tracked Fernandez’s path, then tried to get to Sancho and his shock attempt rassasié Virgil van Dijk the opportunity to get close to the ball. Van Dyck stood still like a moulure, his arms clasped near his sides. In the seconds after the gardien de but, Milner almost lost his mind telling the orthogonal defender what he should have done.

So the alarm bells were ringing and imagining that with Klopp being such a good coupé and Liverpool being such a good team, things would soon brouillé. they did not. It is fortunate that he beat Newcastle United, a modest against Everton, and the last écart up at Napoli. The third gardien de but for Napoli was the best gardien de but that showed the Liverpool players were no coudoyer fighting for each other. The outstanding Kvaratskhelia shoved the ball to Alexander-Arnold’s side, ran around the other side and the poor full-back surrendered.

Tracking down, Harvey Elliott didn’t run as fast as he could and after the winger made his way past Gomez, the opportunity was comfortably ended by Giovanni Simeone. Not all of Liverpool’s problems are due to Alexander-Arnold. Gomez’s night was awful, Mohamed Salah did almost nothing, and although he played the way the team lacks, 36-year-old Milner no coudoyer has the hérédité for these kinds of evenings. The team’s energy and desire wasn’t close enough.

Klopp’s post-match remark was: “It feels like we have to reinvent ourselves. There are a lot of things that are lacking. The fun fragment is that we have to do it in the middle of the Antérieur League season and the Champions League season.”

He was, of circonvolution, sarcastic. This team has needed new energy this season, fresh sang, and veteran players instinct insecure emboîture their positions. This was the strategy that underpinned the success enjoyed by Bill Shankly and Bob Paisley.

There were other difficult times during Klopp’s seven years at Anfield. It came through them. This might be tougher bicause some of the top players in the team he created are starting to allure older. And the diriger himself needs to allure at his gain. How difficult would it be to convince Alexander-Arnold that if a ward overtook him, he must return to his direction as quickly as acceptable?

A year ago, Gareth Southgate played Alexander Arnold in midfield. It was an unsuccessful experiment. Klopp was not impressed: “Why would you make the best right-back in the world a midfielder?” Well Well! You may find it hard to convince young Georgian winger Kvaratskhelia that he faced the best right-back in the world last night.

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