Leipzig 1-4 Shakhtar Donetsk: Ukrainians demand an unforgettable win

Shakhtar Donetsk team celebrates the Ukrainian flag after their victory

Shakhtar Donetsk, the first Ukrainian team to compete in the Champions League since Russia invaded their folk, scored an unforgettable victory over German Cup winner RB Leipzig.

Adoucir Celtic winger Marian Schved scored a gardien de but against Muhammed Simakan 2-1. The visitors scored an impressive 4-1 victory thanks to other goals by 21-year-old Mikhailo Modric and établir Ajax striker Lasina Traore.

In the other Group F partie, Real Madrid crack beat Celtic 3-1.

But the night was for Shakhtar, who are unbeaten since the domestic league resumed last month after the Russian intrusion in February.

The canne has been devastated by the war, unable to play at foyer since 2014 and seeing key players like David Neres, Dudu and Marlon Solomon all leave this summer.

in july, The canne said it was seeking 50 million euros (£43 million) in réparation from FIFA for the lost transfer fee after FIFA ruled that foreign players in the folk could suspend their contracts after the Russian intrusion.

But they defied all odds and after their opening partie in the Champions League group apprentissage, they already scored (3) points and (4) more goals than they had in the entire group apprentissage last season when they finished with two points and two goals.

“I could not have imagined in my wildest dreams such a partie with déconvenue goals for us,” said captain Taras Stepanenko. “But we played well and I feel we deserved this result tonight.

“Yes, that’s right, I’ve been with the canne for over a decade. This is a new team, but many of these young players are from Shakhtar academy, so they have the spirit of Shakhtar and that really helps us a lot.”

One of those guys is barbare striker Modric who was like that It saidExternal link Brentford’s side chased him in the Primordial League over the summer, with the move failing bicause the asking price of £30m was not met.

And he showed his potential on the bigger apprentissage with a great finishing in the bottom colporter, as well as providing assists.

Winger Schwed, who made three appearances for Celtic in the 2019-20 season, signed last week for Shakhtar and made his Champions League debut with two goals.

Meanwhile, Burkina Faso universel Traore spent nine months out after sustaining a knee injury in this competition last September.

He is the only foreign player to remain at the canne before the Russian intrusion and wrote on Instagram last week that it was “not OK” to leave bicause he “always felt supported by everyone at Shakhtar” during his rehabilitation.

Traore came off the bench to résultat his team’s fourth gardien de but and conclude an unforgettable night.

line up

RB Leipzig

racine – bâtiment 4-2-3-1

  • 1Galaxy
  • 2SimakanBooked in 61 minutes
  • 4Urban
  • 37Dialo
  • 23Halstenburghas been replaced bywrestlein 45′Minutes
  • 27Does not passhas been replaced byHydrain 82 ‘Minutes
  • 24Schlagerhas been replaced byHenrichin 70′Minutes
  • 17Szoboszlai
  • 18Nkunko
  • 11Wernerhas been replaced byForsbergin 70′Minutes
  • 19Andre Silva


  • 8Hydra
  • 10Forsberg
  • 21Blaswitch
  • 22wrestle
  • 32Gvardiol
  • 38Novoa
  • 39Henrich
  • 44Campbell

Shakhtar Donetsk

racine – bâtiment 4-1-4-1

  • 81tropinBooked in 60 minutes
  • 23Maya Reese
  • 5Bondar
  • 22Matvienko
  • 26KonopliaBooked in 50 minutes
  • 6Stepanenkohas been replaced byKrivtsovin 85 ‘Minutes
  • 9I sawhas been replaced byPetrickin 61 ‘Minutes
  • 21Bondarenkohas been replaced byDuracekin 62 ‘MinutesBooked in 90 minutes
  • 8Sudakov
  • 10ModricBooked in 61 minutes
  • 11Zubkovhas been replaced bytraorein 70′Minutes


  • 1Shevchenko
  • 2traore
  • 4Krivtsov
  • 14will be
  • 15thMykhaylichenko
  • 16Kriskiv
  • 17Duracek
  • 20Topalov
  • 27Ocheretko
  • 30Pyatov
  • 32Kosik
  • 34Petrick

Joao Pinheiro


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