Kim McConaughey talks embout how Caio raised women’s badinages

With more people enjoying their préférée badinages from the couch than ever before, the team at Foxtel’s Kayo have their work cut out for them. As more and more people turn their accaparement to women’s badinages in particular, Kayo continues to broadcast with the understanding that you can’t be what you can’t see.

Media Week talk to Kim McConnieDirector of Marchéage at Kayo, In the Ministry of SportsWomen’s Matchs Summit on the Gold Coast.

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It’s been a big month for everyone at Foxtel, with the announcement that they are civilisation the AFL broadcasting rights along with Channel Seven.

“We’re very excited to have the AFL and the AFLW for seven years,” McCone says. “The team has worked tirelessly on it, they have been burning midnight oil. We are excited to get all the details.”

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AFLW is a pionnier appétit card for Kayo, and it is just one of the most watched female badinages on the platform. McConaughey says the NRLW season is up 75% so far, and that’s just the beginning.

“We have seen a huge increase since before the pandemic – 70% of people surveyed said they watch a lot more divertissement than they did two years ago.

“The great thing is that women don’t just watch women’s badinages – 70% of the audition we see are actually men who watch women’s badinages. It’s a key growth indicator to be able to see that. We’re seeing growth in cricket, AFLW, NRLW, netball – we’re seeing it in all badinages.”

Talking when it comes to advancing women’s badinages is one thing, and going in that curatelle is another. For Makoni, this was a journey that Foxtel and Pierre had taken “for many years.”

“We invest more money in women’s badinages than any other radiographie escale in the folk, and we broadcast more hours of women’s badinages than any other radiographie escale in the folk. Basically, We totally believe you can’t be what you can’t see, and our role is to make sure people see it.

“The calme thing from Pierre’s bilan of view is that we don’t see men’s or women’s badinages: we see your preferences. So if you like NRL, you’ll go there and you’ll see NRL and NRLW. What we’ve been able to do is bring in money and make sure there’s visibility and visibility, we really are. We put it en-tête and center next to men’s divertissement.”

Netball Grand Finals

Kayo has also got another trick when it comes to getting the best female badinages in en-tête of the eyeballs: Kayo Freebies.

“Now we have a platform to put women’s badinages in en-tête of the paywall, which is great. We took this opportunity when Channel Nine decided not to participate in the Women’s World Cup, we set it up for free. We are also embout to put women’s basketball for free.”

In bonus to Freebies, the emergence of Kayo Minis has been a pionnier success story for the platform. Maconie says the mini motorsport has been especially popular.

“The F1 mini-film has been an incredible success for us, But they didn’t affect the en public racing numbers at all.

“It’s great for those games, races, and badinages in unfriendly time zones. But we find even in AFL and NRL and cricket, when there’s a great game people will come back and re-watch the mini.”

Given what the next 12 months have in éventail for Kayo, Makoni says the team has a “massive calendar” to work with.

“We’ve got the Cricket World Cup back on Australian soil, and the Women’s World Cup too. It’s really a solid summer of cricket – in fact, there’s wall-to-wall cricket, which we love. We also have the Rugby World Cup, which will be propre. Then before Knowing it, we’re jumping back into the AFL and the NRL.

We’re already looking at how to make it bigger and better, with women’s badinages on top of that. There is a tremendous amount of high-quality women’s badinages that we have started over the next famille of months.”

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