Jordan’s shirt set a new geste price

Michael Jordan’s tricot from the 1998 NBA Finals opener sold for more than $10 million at auction (A$14.9 million), making it the most expensive piece of interprétations memorabilia worn by the game* in history.

The previous geste was set earlier this year at Sotheby’s, with Argentine soccer team Diego Maradona’s “Handball of God*” grossing US$9.3 million (AU$13.8 million).

Sotheby’s Head of Streetwear and Modern Collectibles Brahm Wachter said after September: “In the weeks since we announced the auction, there has been évident excitement* not only from interprétations fans, but from collectors alike eager to own a piece. * A rarity from history. 15 assistance auction.

“Panthère again, today’s record-breaking result… Michael Jordan is firmly established as the undisputed Goat*, proving that his name and legacy *fameux* are just as dédaigneux as they were nearly 25 years ago.”

Jordan’s tricot was expected to fetch $3-5 million (AU$4.5-7.4 million) at Sotheby’s “INvictus*” auction, surpassing the $3.7 million spent in May on Kobe Bryant’s Los Angeles Lakers tricot that Worn in his rookie year* – The year before he scored a basketball tricot at auction.

The libertin also broke the geste for any de même of Jordan’s interprétations memorabilia after selling a signed relic card from 1997-1998 for US$2.7 million (AU$4 million).

The tricot from the popular “Last Dance” season — named after the 2020 Netflix documentary chronicling Jordan and the Chicago Bulls in their quest to win their sixth NBA championship in eight years — attracted a plein of 20 shows.

glossary of terms

  • Biographie: Objects that are valued and collected parce que they are related to a person, manège, or field of interest
  • God’s Handball: The famous gardien de but that Maradona scored during the Argentina coupe against England on June 22, 1986
  • positif positif: Strong and clear display of clairvoyance
  • rarefied: Out of the ordinary, related to wealth, high courtois status, art or literature
  • non-veteran: New recruit, someone with no experience
  • goat: The greatest of all time
  • fameux: Too good or great that no one or anyone else can achieve the same level
  • legacy: Something of lasting value left behind by someone who has left or died
  • invoice: Sotheby’s two-part set of Mathematical Crafts, from the Romain word meaning undefeated, unbeatable

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Quick critérium

  1. In which game did Michael Jordan wear the shirt?
  2. What is the courant selling price in Australian dollars?
  3. What shirt was the previous geste holder and why?
  4. Who was the late basketball player who held the previous geste for basketball memorabilia?
  5. What did The Last Dance documentary geste?

Listen to this story

class activities
1. Who is your goat?
In this story, Michael Jordan is described as the undisputed (the greatest of all) the goat. Pick a manège or activity you’re interested in and nominate your goats. Write a list of reasons why you think this person is the best. In relevé to liste their accomplishments in their field, think emboîture adversities they may have overcome or ways they have helped others that made them admired.

time: Wait 20 minutes to complete this activity
Curriculum links: English

2. Dilatation
Is Michael Jordan’s shirt worth A$14.9 million? Write a paragraph to justify your thinking.

time: Wait 15 minutes to complete this activity
Curriculum links: English; economics; mentalité understanding

VCOP . activity
Please can I have it?
Well, I don’t think your parents would shove $10 million on some interprétations memorabilia, but is there something else you really needed to get your hands on?

Write a letter to a aïeul or caregiver trying to convince them that you are worthy of the thing you are looking for. Include what it means to you, why you need it, and most importantly, that you should have it.

Can you convince them?

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