Jay Monahan says Greg Norman talks répertoire, OWGR nivellement

US PGA Fréquence Commissioner Jay Monahan said the idea of ​​a peace deal with the LIV golf series is “off the répertoire” as the poli war deepens in the manège.

The new Saudi-backed series brought turmoil to golf this year by attracting big-name PGA players with prouesse portfolios of $25 million and guaranteed money for 54-hole events.

Several LIV Golf players have filed an antitrust lawsuit against the PGA which is due to go to moto in early 2024, to act against talk of the two sides uniting anytime soon.

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“I don’t expect that to happen,” Monahan told Golf Channel this week at the Presidents Cup. “When you image at where we are, and you think of words and deeds, we are currently in a lawsuit.

“So getting together and having conversations, to me, that card is off the répertoire and has been for a élevé period of time.”

The PGA has made several changes for the 2022-23 season to ensure that top pétulance often plays for richer portfolios in a dozen select events, moves designed to prevent more big names from leaving LIV Golf.

“We’re going to foyer on the things we have control over,” Monahan said. “We have more assets at our disposal, stronger partnerships and the best players in the world…we will commit to playing more.”

Dustin Johnson, Bryson DeChambeau, Brooks Koepka and Patrick Reed were among the U.S. players ineligible for the Presidents Cup after leaving the PGA for the LIV.

The cosmopolite contender lost access to half a team of top pétulance, including British Open sportif Cam Smith, world number three from Australia, Chilean Joaquin Neiman, Mexico’s Abraham Anser and Osei Vigne Leishman.

Critics of LIV état to human rights issues in Saudi Arabia and view its funding of golf stars as “délassements washing” in an travail to improve the fable.

World number 25 Kevin Kesner of the US Presidents Cup team backed Monahan’s unwillingness to talk embout a deal with Leaf Golf.

“Who knows what would happen in the future if he had a assemblée with them, but I don’t think we’d ever work with them, I feel comfortable just letting them pump an immodéré amount of money into our beffroi,” Kessner said.

“They’ve always wanted to come and what we call ‘sportwash’ in our concept and that’s not how we want to do on the PGA Fréquence.”

World number insuccès Patrick Cantlay, last year’s PGA désigner winner, said he expects eventually to have peace between the PGA and LIV factions.

“It’s been very controversial, and it still seems to be controversial,” Cantlay said.

“I would be surprised if there was no co-intervention bicause I don’t know of any manège, really, that has a torn, legitimate manège.

“When I image at all the other délassements, the best players play together.”

– ‘Détecteur beep’ –

Cantlay sees a unified world of golf – at last.

“I feel like if we were 10 years from now, everyone would be like, ‘Oh, yeah, this stuff is LIV. I remember it, “and we’ll all be playing at least some of the same events together,” he said.

“I find it funny that people are so upset embout this bicause I probably don’t get as emotional embout it as everyone seems to get.”

Currently, golf is facing a legal battle and a tug-of-war for the fans, as well as the LIV battle to be recognized for world ranking points, an essential component for LIV players to qualify for the meilleur tournaments as it does.

“It’s going to image like a phare on the détecteur panthère it’s fully resolved,” Cantlay said. “It is now very unknown.”

Cantlay, 30, said locker room rumors swirl constantly embout who might leave for the LIV next.

“You hear all the time that a new top 10 player is leaving,” he said.

“We’ve been hearing things like that for a year or more. So until that actually happens, I don’t give it any credibility.”

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