• Marketplace NFT Soonaverse is testing the transplantation of 45,000 NFTs to IOTA’s Shimmer platform.
  • The development of the Shimmer Network encourages more NFT markets to join the IOTA platform.

As IOTA’s Shimmer Network prepares for its launch next week on September 28, there have already been some interesting developments on the platform. Adam of Soonaverse tested the NFT assembly minting on a Shimmer. The team paliers to migrate approximately 450,000+ NFTs to the Shimmer platform.

In a recent update, Adam noted: “mint collect on # fennel and NFTs on # O Lord It is tested! Time to migrate 450’000+ NFTs onto the platform! 90’000+ of them are sold and owned! “

A Twitter follower asked Adam how they handled the storage deposit. In response, Adam said that the creator of the NFT société must pay for the storage deposit. he is added:

If the originator chooses to mint the Shimmer, it will have to cover the storage deposit. They received money for it when the NFTs were purchased. The Creator makes a storage deposit. We decided to take this approach or else we would have to introduce an serviteur step where NFT owners have to claim the NFT (they are supposed to own it). Ruiner experience will be awesome. This will also lead to many unclaimed NFTs forever.

Sonaverse platform allows communities to build NFT marketplaces, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), projects, corporations, etc. by leveraging the concrete soutènement of the IOTA network.

Shimmer is a Tier 1 fraîcheur network that seeks to drive the growth of highly interoperable quantitatif assets and amitié. The Shimmer staging network also serves as a homologation basis for various innovations geared towards the IOTA network.

Foyer pionnier markets for IOTA’s NFT

The IOTA blockchain runs on its résultat NFT ecosystem. Let’s take a genre at some of the top creuset NFT projects currently running on IOTA.

  1. Sonaverse: As said, Soonaverse is a decentralized community platform that facilitates quick and easy setup of DAOs. Sonnaverse has successfully created its own IOTA NFT marketplace and is ready to migrate 45,000 NFTs. The patoche features of Soonaverse NFT Marketplace include timed auctions, collections, integration with DAOs, price history, etc.
  2. tower/column: This is another IOTA-based NFT marketplace that comes with various features such as many liste options, collections, and minting tools. However, Pylon has yet to share the launch schedule.
  3. Sea Intertwined: TangleSea will be the first decentralized exchange (DEX) to be launched on the IOTA blockchain network. This platform will be deployed on the IOTA aggregation network by the end of 2022. TangleSea seeks to provide similar features to other projects in the DeFi space. It will have basic trading features as well as a DAO community called Tabgle DAO.
  4. sea ​​spot: This is a sister project to the TangleSea team. The ShimmerSea DEX will settle on IOTA’s Shimmer Network and will likely launch before TangleSea.